First-stage landing | Onboard camera

First-stage landing | Onboard camera

Sped up video of the Falcon 9 first-stage landing during the THAICOM 8 mission on May 27, 2016. More info:

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20 Responses

  1. Hascuce says:

    jebediah would be pleased.

  2. SkimikS says:


  3. Артур Дятко says:

    360p? DansGame

  4. Ipresscar says:

    Nice video! Great day!

  5. pmcllc1 says:


  6. Gerry Ford says:

    holy shit

  7. Doggeslife says:

    Will we ever get to see this video in normal speed?

  8. Лев Толстой says:

    нормальная компьютерная графика,молодцы постарались ребятки!

  9. ARchi says:

    молодец Маск!!!

  10. Plant Gamer says:

    ta preula foda camera good ;)

  11. Ethercruiser1 says:

    Wow, spot on! Amazing.

  12. MrDmitryC says:

    I just realized how scary it is to be a rocket. The soundtrack of panic
    screaming has been muted..

  13. grits3d says:

    Would love to see this at normal speed. But I’m a nerd. Just too cool.

  14. Hansjörg Kunde says:

    Don’t let yourself be fooled. It’s just running backwards. Old movie trick.

  15. moosegoosler says:

    Thaaaaat just made my whole existence seem small.

  16. Alex Escobedo says:

    They make it look easy

  17. art4477ak says:

    Круто! COOL!

  18. Yoshio Tamiya says:

    Where can we see this in real time? That would be far ore interesting.

  19. Brody Doerrie says:

    Alright conspiracy theorists, tell me, how is this one faked?

  20. mohammad shafiq says:

    realtime will take alooooot of time