First Take debates impact of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving injuries on playoffs | First Take | ESPN

First Take debates impact of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving injuries on playoffs | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate the impact Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry’s and Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving’s injuries will have on the NBA playoffs.

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82 Responses

  1. gillisthemenace says:

    Steph is indispensable; without him, warriors are fucked. KD CANNOT run the show by himself.

    • GREEN TV says:

      kasimk4 ..whoa!!!!!!!!

    • GREEN TV says:

      Robert Berguer facts. These lames talking down on kd like Livingston gotta carry the team now.smh gsw will win, no more than 6 games first round. And I hate warriors

    • TigerJawsRPG says:

      GREEN TV don’t sleep on the Wolves dude not saying you will eat your words but don’t sleep on them Jimmy Butler and the rest of that team is a beast

  2. Javian Johnson says:

    *All I’m gonna say is, if the Warriors lose in the First or Second round, y’all better have the SAME ENERGY for them as you do for the 2015 Cavs*

    Steph Curry – Multiple ankle injuries during season, now sprained MCL

    Klay Thompson – broken finger on his SHOOTING HAND

    Kevin Durant – rib injury

    Yup, we want that *SAME* energy homie.

    • Young Savage says:

      Javian Johnson only difference is GSW still has 2 all stars when 2 go down. When it was the 2015 Cavs, it was just LBJ vs a a Healthy Warriors Team!!!(minus the snake)

    • James White says:

      Javian Johnson ong draymond gone have to take the 2015 lebron approach he gone have to be the star and I jus dont see that happening 💀..🖕the warriors i fuck with steph n klay but 🖕 the rest of em theyre worthless without the splash bros period.

    • Fredrick Lee says:

      joshua silva I just want to make it clear that I’m on the side of logic and diplomacy. Not the Golden State Warriors. And while, I respect your point of you, I certainly disagree with whatever picture you’re attempting to paint regrading my statement, which I concluded at the end of my response. And what I said was, these injuries/setbacks should be brought up for everyone and shouldn’t be disregarded simply because us as viewers think a certain team “deserves it”. GSW, to be fair, had been taking over the league long before KD’s arrival and during the seasons where those players on other teams got hurt. But that’s a conversation for another video. The point is, I would make the same exact statements if it were The Cavs and Lebron, the Sixers, or anyone else. For the most part I see us as viewers going back and forth about our favorite teams with a lot of half truths to back up our statements and that includes GSW fans at times. What’s tragic is that we never seem to notice, we believe we’re being unbiased when in reality to debate a position, you need to be biased towards something. For instance, take me, I’m talking about equality and fairness in being critiqued. That’s my side.

      Do I believe GSW to be a joke if they get knocked out? No. That would be ludicrous for me to utter such nonsense because they were hurt coming in. And the same goes for the Cavs or any other team that comes in as a shell of themselves. I mean, can you honestly say (assuming you play basketball) that if you got injured, rested, came back (because you can still be on the court, you’ve been cleared to play) that you would be as effective? I know you know the answer to that. We all do. But we fabricate and throw around our theories as though we have no idea what these injuries for ANY TEAM OR PLAYER actually means.

      To your point though, people are clowning the Cavs, and we both know that that’s nonsense. Lebron has done everything he possibly could for the Cavs and now they are having a period of adjustment. They’ll be fine. Again, we both know better than to listen to information of criticism regarding that.

      I’m also fully aware that players are not 100% due to the ware and rare of the season. But that’s slightly different than broken bones, and consistent injuries (Curry) that can hamper a player’s game dramatically. I’m not asking you to agree with me, because you don’t have to. I respect that. But what I’m saying, at least for me, if how I treat players universally. I don’t need to like them to be diplomatic and empathetic to their situation.

    • Eagles fan since 2006. says:

      Migatte no Gokui Goku Shut up dickhead

  3. LeBron James says:

    I have voodoo dolls all around my house that’s why most of the other stars in the NBA are injured and I’m not

  4. Richard D says:

    Max, put down the crack pipe!

  5. \xxᴀɴᴀx// {sʜʜ} says:

    *ᴋʏʀɪᴇ* ᴇɴᴅ ᴏғ ᴅɪsᴄᴜssɪᴏɴ

    • Sports with Nick says:

      The Warriors SHOULD be worried because while this isn’t a more team harming injury than Kyrie’s injury is, it’s not far off. The Warriors are 41-10 with him and 13-8 without him; they simply aren’t the same team. Let’s remember, Steph is the MVP of GS, not Durant. Talked about this on my channel today.

    • Shehryar Noor says:

      Sports with Nick let’s stop this “steph is the MVP but durants better” stephs better and more valuable. I don’t kno why y’all can’t admit it

    • Sports with Nick says:

      I didn’t say that. I agree that Steph is better and more valuable.

    • Shehryar Noor says:

      Sports with Nick thank you. And Ik I was talking bout in general yaknow…

  6. Cam Varnado says:

    Max silly Durant never lost in the first round even with scrubs y’all bugging

  7. Steve says:

    Max is on drugs again

  8. Chris Reyes says:

    Faking injuries is the new trend

  9. Migatte no Gokui Goku says:

    Max is an idiot

  10. SkillzFromThe6 says:

    Spurs with Kawhi is going to beat Warriors 1st round.

  11. Jordan Davis says:

    KAT is not a top 10 player

  12. RVegas says:

    Max is just being stupid kyrie no Hayward with mostly injured players..the Celtics are a fighting team but seriously, with all those injuries how will they win a thing

    • Suade Legend says:

      D V lol you chill and watch my words become reality. You don’t understand the art of basketball kid! You only know what the media spews out and you know your favorite team/player. Last season Boston was bashed from the start. They couldn’t make it to the playoffs right? They became 1st in the east!!. They couldn’t make it past the first round right? They made it past the second and to the ECF!!! I.T averaged almost 30 when all bashed him like they did this season! And instead of giving Boston respect,,, they got more disrespect! These guys won’t do that great in the playoffs this year for the injuries they’ve been dealt. But they can still get past the first round as they are even if they don’t,,,,, you’ll see that they easily could’ve trust me. Now carry on with your tunnel vision bandwagon perception fella lol. I’m sure my 10 yr old son would respond to my words better than you will and without bias.

    • D V says:

      Suade Legend Nigga, Im a Boston fan dumbass nigga and shit aint happening this year

    • Suade Legend says:

      D V dumb ass nigga? I’m a smart ass nigga and you’re probably a lil nigga talking to me! Boston ain’t going to do nothing special but they can reach the second round kid

    • Ali A says:

      RVegas warriors have to play a tough 7 seed spurs, jazz, okc, wolves.

  13. RBTheBreakThrough says:

    Boston. Even with Kyrie (outside of him) against some of the best teams other players REALLY struggled to score. And when it’s a 7 games series where actual planning is involved? *IT BECOMES EVEN HARDER TO SCORE IN THE PLAYOFFS!*

    • whydouneedakno says:

      That is a MYTH

    • Adam Schellenberg says:

      Bruh gtfoh have you seen what Boston has done without Kyrie? Monster performances by Rozier, Morris, the list goes on. Boston will have no problems in the first round.

    • sakumo over minato says:

      I think the answer changes depending on who they play in the 1St round. Cuz kd klay draymond can still get u out of the 1St round.

  14. Maarib Choudri says:

    Max says you need a talented big to win the NBA finals. No Max it’s by excellent guard play and a great wing next to him. Last good big to win was dirk and that was him out his prime and when Lebron choked other than that it was Shaq in 2002

  15. NjunThatCould says:

    Fake injuries. Resting for the playoffs.

  16. Lavar Ball says:

    If Thunder get Warriors without curry in first round, Thunder would a good chance of advancing.Celtics are a lost cause either way. The ECF will be Cavs and Raptors.

    • Ozman M says:

      How the fuck ur name Lavar Ball and u have a pic of Donovan Mitchell

    • Lavar Ball says:

      cause Mitchell is the ROY but my son will better than him in a couple of years

    • James Stuart says:

      Lavar Ball how a Boston a lost cause we can easily beat the 7th seeded bucks then kyrie and smart are back for the second round and if we win that series Hayward will be back because is is reported is up will be good in 4-6 weeks, stop doubting us like everyone did after game 1 against the cavs, when kyrie and everyone went down we lost to the wizards by 1 in double OT then beat the thunder and Trail Blazers and are now on a 3 game win streak where Morris and rosier are going off scoring 30, we have lost of young guys steeping up like Tatum, brown, and semi and got guys who come off the bench on fire like Larkin and Monroe and got an all star n horford and a defensive monster in Haynes so we can definitely make it past the first round and when we do and get key players back we are going to be unstoppable and for years to come.

    • Lavar Ball says:

      James Stuart Celtics are a really good team, but Bucks with Jabari and Brogdon back in full health can take down Celtics without Kyrie or Hayward. This season is a battle between Cavs and Raptors in the East. If Hayward and Irving we’re at full health, it would’ve been Cavs and Celtics. This year is a lost cause, they have good coahcing and good defense but not enough strong offensively talendted players. brown and tatum will average 20 soon, but as of now, they are a lost cause without Kyrie.

  17. Michael Broderick says:


  18. MasteredTheUniverse says:

    Of the world.

  19. Lor Dj says:

    Celtics will get bounce the first round if Kyrie is not playing

  20. Lor Dj says:

    What been going on with max lately he been talking nonsense he needs to stop it

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