First Take reacts to Blake Griffin to the Nets

First Take reacts to Blake Griffin to the Nets

First Take reacts to Blake Griffin to the Nets
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Blake Griffin agreeing to the veteran-minimum deal with the Brooklyn Nets after a buyout with the Detroit Pistons.
0:00 Charly Arnolt breaks down news of Blake Griffin joining the Nets.
0:30 Max weighs in on whether Griffin will have a big impact on the Nets’ title run.
2:15 Stephen A. says Max is “sleeping” on what Blake Griffin can bring to the table.
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78 Responses

  1. ESPN says:

    0:00​ Charly Arnolt breaks down news of Blake Griffin joining the Nets.
    0:30​ Max weighs in on whether Griffin will have a big impact on the Nets’ title run.
    2:15​ Stephen A. says Max is “sleeping” on what Blake Griffin can bring to the table.

    • Jaffy says:

      i see youre learning what we like with the time stamps

    • Christopher Thomas says:

      Well said stephen a brooklyn is going to win the championship unless clippers or portland trail blazers, or milwaukee, make a drastic feast of a change

    • Ryon Keise says:

      Max is right Blake will not make and much on the team

    • CedRock Starr says:

      @Christopher Thomas I still think the Lakers have the best shot at the Nets but it don’t look good for the rest of the league OR THE LAKERS for that matter. Lakers need a big splash. A big time, reliable, perimeter shooter. Don’t know how they would do it (because they’d have to give up pieces that they *Like*) though. Obviously a player like Bradley Beal would be ideal. But even just a consistently hot shooter like a JJ Redick (which is still a very long shot) would be great. Problem is KCP is a klutch sports client so he’s hard to move, and they don’t want to part with Kuz, THT, and/or Caruso.

    • Hostility says:

      Stephen A. really wants LeBron to lose lmao.

  2. Michael Jordan Best Player Ever. says:

    All this Just to beat Caruso Smh.

    • Young Paid says:

      😂 😂 😂

    • Diego Ramirez says:

      @Paul Gomez ray allen was the reason they even beat the spurs. Had he not hit that 3 they would’ve lost

    • Ben H says:

      @King Elite Doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t in his prime. Bringing him up as an elite player LeBron played alongside makes no sense. He wasn’t elite at that point.

    • Diego Ramirez says:

      @Tim Love lebron did brick the three to tie it. Bosh got the rebound and got the block after ray Allen hit the 3 to tie it. Lebron is good but he has always tried building a super team so people shouldn’t get mad at KD for doing the same thing lebron does. Don’t forget lebron was trying to recruit Kawhi

    • Diego Ramirez says:

      @Jordan Eversole the only other player the warriors recruited was KD. Steph, klay, green we’re all drafted by the warriors. Lebron on the other hand recruits superstars, trades his players away and gets the coach fired

  3. Anonymous Tofu says:

    Watch Blake Griffin catch a lob in his first game

  4. Country Kirby says:

    Blake bout to improve tremendously all of a sudden.

    • Ellis_Von_ Simpson says:

      Michael Jordan still can dunk … Vince carter as well just sayin

    • Country Kirby says:

      @Ellis_Von_ Simpson I know good and well he still can dunk

    • RyRy says:

      Lmfaooooo someone who won a dunk contest but hasn’t dunked in two years… interesting🤣!

    • Marvo G says:

      Lies you tell!🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂💯Blake probably get the 8 to 12 points maybe 😩💯💯

    • Robert Taylor says:

      @Mahad Hassan jamal murray avg less points and more turnovers on less shots and shoots 44%. Jerami Grant scores 23 a game and less turnovers. Jerami Grant guards the best player, rebounds better, and doesn’t have Jokic on his team this yr. He would be second option. Nobody said peak. He will peak in 2022, and get a max deal. That’s all I said. Jerami Grant has played out of position all year long and only missed one game because of maintenance. I don’t even like his game lol. 43% is good if you aren’t on a super team.

  5. Calli Dawkins says:

    Blake didn’t dunk for two years?? …

    Harden: give me two games with him

  6. BIG Wocky says:

    ….99% sure Blake has just been coolin’ and now he’s gonna explode

  7. A1mostF4mous says:

    Blake Griffin is going to pull a James Harden and come out first game with different knees

  8. Cj Armour says:


  9. Rambo Assil says:

    Molly’s replacement has finally arrived instant likes and views.

    • xevon powers says:

      What Molly is gone how

    • cwjalex says:

      @King Nano I agree that there is a kindling effect on the internet where a little hate can explode unfairly, but many of the criticism’s of molly are legitimate. She interrupts a lot, rarely has anything of substance to contribute, and many find the timbre and inflection of her voice to be unpleasant. That’s pretty much every aspect of her job. I can’t at all see what this has to do with having contact with women. What’s the implication?

    • Nathaniel Simmons says:

      It was like they didn’t respect Molly at all bro

    • Jarius Isaac says:

      I was going say better then molly too lol

    • Tha Nigerian says:

      Joy Taylor is still the baddest 🔥🔥

  10. GOAT says:

    I saw a tweet of Blake being referred to as a Keyser Söze gif. Remember when Söze was pretending he was limping at the end of The Usual Suspects? That’s Blake. He’s going to be very motivated in Brooklyn.

  11. Malik Samari jones says:

    Blake Griffin: “if dwight howard got a title with Alex Caruso, I can get a title with muh old pal Deandre Jordan.”

  12. Richard Roland says:

    This seems like when DeMarcus Cousins went to the warriors. Unnecessary “rich get richer” situation.

    • Trey Thompson says:

      But they didn’t get anything out of that more like rich gets a cool looking toy

    • Richard Roland says:

      @Trey Thompson True. The potential was there similar to how it is here. Barring injury, it stacks the deck in their favor. At least as far as potential goes.

    • Marcus Dege says:

      Yeah, also I love how Brooklyn’s answer to their garbage defence was to add an offensive minded big smh. I really hope he does well tho.

    • Richard Roland says:

      @Marcus Dege Same. They seem to be really leaning in to the “glass cannon ” playstyle. I think itll be successful as long as they play through kd as their main scorer.

  13. Jay Bird says:

    Blake hasn’t dunked in years!
    Harden: Watch him get two a game with my lobs!

  14. Tyler Burns says:

    If Blake griffin catches a lob in his first game the nba needs to suspend that man

  15. charlie says:

    Didn’t he average a career high 25 pts like in 2019?

  16. QQ Lifestyle says:

    no one:
    SAS: LA has the best weather EVER

  17. Pierrot says:

    Never Forget that Max Kellerman said that Chris Paul was “DONE” after his hip injury against the Warriors

  18. Saint Aubyn TFG says:

    Blake Griffin is a better basketball player than in his dunking days.

  19. Merica says:

    Blake hasn’t had a dunk since 2019. People acting like we getting all Star level in his Prime Blake

  20. Cjaj NYC says:

    “Blake hasn’t dunked in two years”
    Shows a clip of Blake dunking shortly after

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