First time reaction to automatic sliding doors

First time reaction to automatic sliding doors

Took our son to the grocery store and let him walk around for the first time, he was blown away by the automatic doors

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8 Responses

  1. Libbie Noerr says:

    That’s so cute. I wish the world still held that much wonder for me.

  2. john deloraine says:

    oh yes good idea show the baby that the door opens so he can run out and
    get hit by a car… .nice parenting

  3. Mellow Psych says:

    baby go die die

  4. Crankie Frankie says:

    as you annoy every customer as they almost run into your kid

  5. Naomi Renoir says:

    That’s really friggin adorable! What a cutie :)

  6. Abhijit Maktal says:

    im gonna say 500,000 views by the end of the week…

  7. big daddy says:

    i remember when i was kid i was scared of sliding doors

  8. Courtney Barrel Racer says:

    That is so adorable!!! He is so cute.