First to Catch a Team then Beat the Champion Wins

First to Catch a Team then Beat the Champion Wins

The first to catch a team of six Pokémon then use those Pokémon to defeat Champion Geeta or Nemona wins!
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Edited by Katie Rose
Mytey subscribe animation by Spoody:

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38 Responses

  1. Ribotto Studios says:

    You’d think after doing this series for so long it would become stale but these boys are pretty creative in making sure that doesn’t happen. Which is great for us cause it means MORE CONTENT.

  2. TRML says:

    His videos never disappoint he always goes all out on his videos just for his viewers, thank u

  3. Quantum says:

    I’m binge watching all of these right now cause i just got the game for my birthday and didn’t want spoilers till i finished it. Thanks for all this awesome content, these past few videos have been a blast!

  4. Agatha says:

    Interesting concept cause a full team is more practical in a battle but that takes up time, I like how they manage to get creative with the catching requirements. Stops this series from getting stale

    • ThatOnePerson says:

      @Zawad Afnan would they have to delete the pokemon if they got unlucky and didn’t run into the champion when they did the tournament?

    • Adi McVeitty says:


    • Zawad Afnan says:

      Same challenge but
      They must catch the first six shiny they see and beat the champion with that team
      Failing to do so will have those pokemon be deleted and you must get a new team

  5. Brandon Green says:

    Fun Fact: The reason why Ms. Tyme is a Rock specialist is because she used to be a Gym Leader. Her sister, Ryme, took her place when she became a full time teacher about a year and half before the game.

  6. Tyler Wilkinson says:

    Mikey playing under leveled for once is such a treat.

  7. Gamer Gabe 4.0 says:

    Can we just agree that Mikey getting a Torkol for Drought so that the booster energy doesn’t get cost up in case of need of a switch in, was a genuine genius move?

  8. Dev says:

    The cut with the Garchomp and Scizor made me actually cry laughing, thank you

  9. Rodimus Minor says:

    Seeing John adamantly refusing to evolve Magikarp never ceases to bring a smile to my face,

  10. Drakor Darkstar says:

    Mikey faced the more difficult champion and still came out on top, that show of skill deserves a hail yeah!

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