First To Raid $100,000 Island!

First To Raid $100,000 Island!

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ESRB Rated M for Mature.


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50 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    Ubisoft marketing team performed some black magic to get Mr Beast on this

  2. Chill Fuel says:

    Mr. Beast really out here making prize pools larger than some gaming tournaments

    • Ed Fitzgerald says:

      @Connor Hoyland you never know, probably true, but it might not be and he might actually give the Occassion money

    • Plamuek15_YT says:

      @Ahmedtoapples so

    • Rocket Boy says:

      dude its for his friends. He could pretend prize pool with friends.

    • Basel Ali Khan says:

      Actually I don’t think you can call this a prize pool

    • Sicco Blue says:

      too bad its stupidly unbelievable that he’s actually giving them the promised money considering they’re worried about the cost of a wedding??? or a mortgage??? if you add up everything he has “given away” to just his staff alone, they could absolutely afford freaking mansions in virtually any town in the USA. nevermind a freaking wedding

      something stinks here, legit. if mr beast is totally legit i love him to death for what he does, but i worry less making $60k a year than these dudes seem to with insane levels of income, allegedly.

  3. Quiq says:

    In 5 words, and around 15 seconds I’m already rooting for Chandler

    • Player Memerator says:


    • Senpai Shireikan says:

      I always want Chandler to win anyways!

    • Dwyane Mills says:

      Has soon has he said i can pay for my wedding i was rooting against no reason to pay thousands of dollars on a wedding when getting married is way cheap also he has 100,000 that Carl gave him for his wedding 150,000 is just ridiculous for a wedding to me haha

    • Lil Kwiz Beats says:

      @Dwyane Mills but what you don’t understand is that Kanye west didn’t take part in Cristiano Ronaldo plan towards Carmelo Anthony

  4. Mr Kiddu says:

    The sickest part was the few seconds “karls special gun” montage 😂

  5. Ssteven playz says:

    “And the best villain the series has seen yet”

    Vaas:Have i ever told you the defenition of insanity

  6. Eddie Gustafsson says:

    Brand deals: Exists.
    MrBeast: integrates them in to the video on a whole other Level.

  7. Gina Rose - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 🅥 says:

    I’m so glad I got to hear Giancarlo say the words “I know what you can do, mrbeastgaming”

  8. Magic says:

    you know it’s a good day when Jimmy uploads

  9. SLAY says:

    Jimmy: *Kills 2 Civilians*
    Jimmy: ~casually “Two down”

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