First YouTuber To Break The Orb Wins $10,000

First YouTuber To Break The Orb Wins $10,000

Watch The Last group of YouTuber’s competition:

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35 Responses

  1. evil says:

    Use a nuclear weapon on it!

  2. JustDustin says:

    Drop a 👍 to help the video please, and @ a YouTuber you want me to send an orb to?

  3. FRXSTyyy says:

    It would be cool if they gave one to DemolitionRanch

  4. Ak Shooter 7 says:

    Brooo… this can be a really cool design to lots of hardly breakable objects… due to that physically you take less damage the more tilted the spot where the impact is and also the more pointy the vertices are the more penetrating they are to the damage they receive so it’s very hard to break this design.

  5. Mathew Watson says:

    Huh now I’m curious what would have happened if they Dropped one of those Giant Safes onto this unbreakable Box? Would the safe break the box or would the Box just go right through the bottom of the safe? Now I’m curious if anyone has tried that at all yet! Dustin! Next time you should put a Unbreakable Box inside a Safe covered in Line X! Whoever breaks the money out first wins

  6. NoGoodGod says:

    Everyone else: Using hammers and helicopters

  7. tacobella _ says:

    Eric was really flying a helicopter.

  8. Simon Bauer says:

    i like how the hacksmith was just toying with him knowing full well they would just get into it with the lightsaber

    • jeff smith says:

      @Tzeentch that is what plasma is tho

    • Tzeentch says:

      @jeff smith No plasma is ionized gas. AKA electricity and compressed air. They used propane a FUEL for their lightsaber. Plasma cutters usually get up to a good 40,000 F or more.

    • William Carlos says:

      @Tzeentch But the money would burn at that heat tho

    • Back-upPlanC says:

      @William Carlos which is why they incased the money again for it to not burn but break the surrounding area of it.

    • V Vivek says:

      @Tzeentch So is the lightsaber’s blade. Plasma is simply the 4th state of matter. That blade was plasma. Any kind of fire is plasma.
      Besides, their iron man gauntlet would’ve gotten into that thing more easily, but that would be less interesting. Who wants to see something melt that box without an awesome light show?

  9. ACB 132 says:

    People think Dustin is just a immature person that likes to break things but the truth is he is super smart he covers all the grounds on theses things he’s a genius

    • Peyten88 says:

      That’s actually true like the planning for videos and making these unbreakable things does need a genius lol

    • ACB 132 says:

      @Peyten88 for example he made the triangles smaller then the money so it couldn’t be pulled out if one of the triangles so they have to break more than one open

  10. the everything says:

    Everyone: uses sledge hammer

    Hacksmith: uses lightsaber and ironman plasma cutter

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