Fish Tank – Simon’s Cat

Fish Tank – Simon’s Cat

‘A curious cat is fishing for trouble’

WHAT’S COMING UP? Look out for our new Simon’s Cat Logic episode – Feeding, coming soon!

‘Fish Tank’ Credits:
Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Emma Wakley
Clean Up: Nadia Hussein, Michael Cotton-Russell
Clean Up Supervisor: Liza Nechaeva

Producer: Emma Burch
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Exec Producer: Mike Bell
Foley and Music: Shrooty

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A. ‘Off to the Vet’ was completed in 2015. It is currently being submitted to film festivals and only available to our Indiegogo Funders via our Private Production blog. If you are a funder and have not received instructions on how to access the blog, please email us at quoting the email address associated with your Indiegogo contribution. Thank you for your support!

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

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20 Responses

  1. H Smith says:

    Tough fish, poor simon’s cat alway stepping in it. LOL

  2. James Jarman says:

    Karma strikes again!! When will that kitty ever learn? XD

  3. Ana says:

    Finally one of the best! Soo funny! 😀 Good job! :)

  4. Brian Moore says:

    Was that grown up Bart Simpson? lol

  5. Joe Mourgos says:

    Since most people don’t put water in a spray bottle when they’re about to
    clean something (Like a fish tank), I have to question the ending.

  6. Belgiter says:

    Yippee, that ‘gimme food’ gesture is back!

  7. anic131313 says:

    HAHAHHAHA that’s awesome! Reminds me a lot about “tom and Jerry”

  8. KJP12 says:

    So that was the 360 video leading up to. Simon’s Cat trying to eat the

  9. bishiewuvr says:

    It’s weird to hear Simon actually talking

  10. Никита Коновалов (Не жди понедельника) says:

    Simon seems not so smart – he bought fish having such cat

  11. TheMojophotos says:

    My old cat, sadly no longer with us, used to sleep on top of my aquarium.
    On one occasion whilst cleaning the tank he jumped onto what he thought
    will be the lid only to discover the lid was not there. He did not enjoy
    his swim with the fishes very much))).

  12. ALEX GOOD says:

    Русским привет.

  13. Jonathan Jensen says:

    not really a cat person, but oh do I love cat cartoons.

  14. Arielle Abraham says:

    Could you please do a simon draws fish episode or other animals? I really
    like them and am looking forward to a new one. I love trying out your
    style, so please make more simon draws videos! Thanks!

  15. tcatm100 says:

    who thinks fishes are dumb now ? ;-D

  16. allyssa wright says:

    I wonder how Simon will react when he comes back to find his fish perfectly
    whole. I imagine his cat will not be happy

  17. SleepDeprivationX says:

    Too many human behaviors and not enough cat behaviors.

  18. Jedi George 360 says:


  19. CE LaBs says:

    OH GOD!!!! i have not only a mischevoius kitty-cat, but also a fish tank
    with that exact design!

  20. Dezotuf says:

    an animal especially a cat should NOT be sprayed like the idiot did at the
    end. kids and adults may think it may work, it doesn’t. I know this is for
    fun, I hope, but many won’t.