Five months later: Woman found alive after disappearing in Diamond Fork Canyon

Five months later: Woman found alive after disappearing in Diamond Fork Canyon

A Utah County woman was found in a camping tent in a campsite area near the Dry Canyon Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon on Sunday afternoon after being sought after for more than five months.

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  1. Ryan Kane says:

    Obviously she knew where the road was and could have started walking and flagged down a car. She did not want to be found.

    • Shasta Valley Outdoorsman says:

      LOL or maybe she got lost while backpacking and that’s all there is to it.

    • ferrall derrall says:

      @Urukosh ! ok so yu can live of the land in Utah with 5 months grub and a tent?just step off and bye?well make a vid get it to yubetube lol

    • Jason Andersen says:

      @Wyoming Adventures I agree, but they’ll try. They will keep him out of sight as much as possible and pump him up with adderall or PEA when he absolutely has to make an appearance.

    • ferrall derrall says:

      @Tim CAMPBELL must hurt being so fuking stupid

    • Tim CAMPBELL says:

      @ferrall derrall I bet you call everybody stupid

  2. Big John says:

    Some people take social distancing to a whole new level.

    • Susan Matz says:

      @Dkcskdok Dicdkxio calm down. It was a harmless joke. And if you read through other threads, she WAS distancing herself from someone.

    • Guy North says:

      Do you blame them, did you get a whiff of the stench from that sick, seditious drumpf crowd.

    • Captin Marvle says:

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sure she did

    • Voltron says:

      @C. T. actually, the news has been pushing this pandemic since November of 2019. January 2020 is when Trump issued the travel ban.

    • max0390rip says:

      She probably wore a mask the whole time with no one else around

  3. lavapix says:

    She thought their drone was her Amazon delivery.

  4. Roberta Morrison says:

    I would not want to have to spend the coldest part of the year, in a nylon tent. I’m amazed she was able to survive.

  5. Nick Goodsell says:

    Got to hand it to her, the whole area around her tent was clean and organized. Her tent wasn’t falling apart and it didn’t look like she was destroying the surrounding habitat. Wish I could say the same for all the tents I see here in Seattle.

  6. Renee D says:

    More of us will be doing this to escape our present dystopian reality

  7. P e t e r says:

    She went there to retreat from covid, and when found, she was immediately taken to a covid center for treatment.

  8. Respawn says:

    Another 5 months and she just might’ve have mastered her survival instincts. Impressive. A lesson to all. Never give up. I don’t think she wanted to be found.

    • Journey into Darkness says:

      Five months thru a winter in that area clearly shows she has a high level of skill already.

    • FeelitSupreme says:

      She definitely did not want to be found. She could have just walked down to leave, if they just walked up to find the drone.

  9. Lightning MacQueen says:

    Sheriff – “How were you able to make it through this terrible winter?”
    That lady – “I’m not sure , sheriff, but I’ll tell you one thing. It was intense!”

  10. my2cents says:

    When she sees what’s been going on in the US for the past 6 months, she’s probably going to run back to the forest. She might well be the only sane person left in the US. Perhaps it’s the rest of us who are nutz.

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