Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: REVISITED

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: REVISITED

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  1. Curtified says:

    Loving how you’re revisiting these games! The nostalgia is amazing and you haven’t lost your crown. You still got it!

  2. Criss' Cosplay And Prop Shop says:

    mark openly saying being called a himbo makes him happy has just made thousands cry out in terror

  3. Timotheuster says:

    Mark: Talking about how he gets so caught up in the game mechanics and doesn’t look around the environment enough, resulting in his missing cool things.
    ~10 minutes later~

  4. Maddie's Menagerie says:

    Mark literally got a, according to google, “one in a million chance” to see shadow bonnie. Holy crap the streamer luck is real

  5. Luka 2000 says:

    39:21 Even to this day mark is still really lucky at seeing extremely rare Easter eggs

  6. JMSX says:

    Felt incredible seeing the king make his return to the series(old games), he still got it

  7. Maximum Zach says:

    Man Ive been watching Mark for a long time. I feel like I started watching when Mark was finishing up Amnesia The Dark Descent and I’ve never looked back since. Mark has been my prime reason for using YouTube for years. Thank you for the years of entertainment Mark!

  8. Jayden Hamilton says:

    the fact that i was in middle school watching him originally play this now i’m 19 and a college freshman shocks me, thank you so much for all your videos and memories Mark!☺️

  9. 100k challenge with 0 video says:


    Also Mark: *”Let’s do one more time”*

  10. A Zoroark says:

    Mark: *Repeatedly puts mask on and off*
    Balloon Boy: *Confused screaming*

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