Five Night’s At Freddy’s in Real Life! 360 VIDEO – SCARY!

Five Night’s At Freddy’s in Real Life! 360 VIDEO – SCARY!

This is a 360 VIDEO! Make sure to watch in the highest resolution possible. Watch on a smart phone, a VR headset, or Google Chrome web browser with headphones, in the dark, for the full experience 🙂

Watch the behind the scenes right below:

This video was filmed with the Freedom 360 rig, using 6 GoPro 4’s filming all at once. Those shots were than stitched together. I’ll be releasing a blog on it all in the next few days explaining the whole process.

Filmed at the Provo Beach in Provo. This place is amazing! Check them out down below!

Check Provo Beach out social media:
Instagram: @provobeach
Twitter: @provobeach

Super thanks to the Dyches Fam for being the main actor in our video! Subscribe to their rad family vlogging channel now! 🙂

We also just launched our brand new Teamsupertramp gear! Check it!

Film by Devin Graham
Producer by Seth Jones
Edited by Brandon Hoffmann

Sound design was created by the amazing Brendo Bytheway! He’s also an amazing musician. Check out his music below:
Music by Bytheway-May. Grab the song here:

Samuel Bilodeau was a huge help with this video, here’s his awesome tech channel below:

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20 Responses

  1. Gustavo Oliveira says:


  2. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Cool, not that scary

  3. JAYGE J says:

    I really appreciate that there isn’t a jump scare. It is scary enough as it

  4. The BallisticKnight says:

    Wtf. Best vid ever.

  5. Speedself says:

    I was expecting a jumpscare at the end xD

  6. Owen Murray says:

    Great job guys!!!

  7. TrevorSpace Animation says:

    Even if you don’t like Fnaf, you have to admit this is pretty good.

  8. Emily Savoie says:

    love it keep doing more

  9. RancidWraith says:

    This is just boring.

  10. Mikey Dri says:


  11. 00MGAfilms00 says:

    This is awesome good job!

  12. IzzyK Films says:

    +devinsupertramp best video ever keep it up Great job!!!

  13. Deziire says:

    this is the shit

  14. Victor Claes says:

    Hey how’s it going? Like it hungry believe What’s your opinion about it,
    guys 1!

  15. jobeee says:

    its pretty cool video! i watched it on google cardboard and note3 and work

  16. KyleKennedyRH says:

    this whole video I was just stunned at the 360 feature because I’ve never
    seen it before

  17. Chorp Squatch says:

    WTF is that? 1:25

  18. popadog300 says:


  19. Alex Beckmann says:

    This is amazing

  20. Tweedledeedee says:

    That was so cool