Five Nights At Freddy’s | Official Teaser

Five Nights At Freddy’s | Official Teaser

It’s time to clock-in. Watch the official #FiveNightsAtFreddys teaser now. In Theaters and streaming on Peacock October 27.

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43 Responses

  1. Banden says:

    PURE HYPE! As a lifelong FNAF fan I can’t wait for this <3

  2. Razzbowski says:

    After 8 years… it’s finally time to be ready for Freddy!

  3. Iker Unzu says:

    El mejor día de mi vida

  4. DinonohayNada says:

    Un Momento de Silencio ParaLos Fans de Fnaf que Ya no estan con nosotros sin ver esta joya 😢

  5. FGTeeV says:

    This is the best thing to happen to the gaming community in a LONNNGGG TIME!! Lets GOOO!!

  6. Slenderminion says:

    I absolutely love Afton’s appearance. He seems like a kindly, compassionate grandpa. Exactly the last person you would suspect to be a sadistic serial killer.

  7. The bad bros says:

    The fact this started as a simple indie game from a man trying to support his family is just amazing. Shows that the biggest things come from small starts.

  8. KIRA NIGHTMARE 17 says:

    Tantos años esperando esto y por fin salió lo que todos mundos igual que yo soñamos desde que salió el juego un aplauso para Scott Cawton por esta película que va a salir

  9. Forever Video Play says:

    This looks awesome already! I really do hope they change the eyes to the original ones instead of the red ones to make it truly look like they are just lost souls and not just evil animatronics, but even without that it looks SO AUTHENTIC and truly sticks to the game design! Brilliant! Hope the rest of the movie is just as awesome as it seems to be, can’t wait!

    • Ramsey Garcia says:

      But they are evil animatronics. Thats the point!

    • Centaurus L4 says:

      @Ramsey GarciaNo, In the games they have black lifeless eyes with white pupils because they are possessed. The red eyes look kind of goofy and cheap ngl

    • Prota studios says:

      I don’t think changing the eyes from all recorded scenes is a possibility. Maybe with VFX but that sounds like a ton of work for an already made artistical decision. Kinda sucks because it looks pretty cliché but yeah, everything else looks amazing!

    • United_Slavs says:

      ​@Prota studiosthey could chcnge sonoc, they can change this

    • Prota studios says:

      @United_Slavs Yeah, I never believed that bad sonic design anyway. They probably just had one scene with different sonic designs as a test and decided to make marketing out of it.

  10. 42sync says:

    I must say, thanks to the crew for making this happen after so long. This will definitely be a treat for long-time enjoyers of the series and even the new ones! I’m really glad I get to see this happen and after 8 years, we can say that

    we’re ready for Freddy.

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