Five Nights At Freddy’s SB Song – This Comes From Inside – The Living Tombstone

Five Nights At Freddy’s SB Song – This Comes From Inside – The Living Tombstone

The 6th song, 6 animators, 6 years later. This Comes From Inside.

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Yoav Landau – Director, Story By, Music Production, Lyrics & Vocals
Sam Haft – Lyrics
Or “Orko” Cohen – Guitar
Ara Adkins, Recursion Music – Mixing & Mastering
Andrew Duemig – VFX & Editing
Jerry “SPRIN” R. – Co-Director & Animation @SPRIN – Jerry R.
Nicholas “TF.541” Sayavong – Producer & Animation @TFCraft Productions
Jakub K. “Ferg-E” – Animation @Ferg-E
Jackson “Nox” Seal – Animation @FreddoFrappe
Dylan “Ooblek” C. – Animation @Ooblek
Tyler “Tynado” M. – Animation @Tynado
Arica Tuesday – Cover Illustration
Lee Mounsey-Smith – Cover Typography
Austin Faulk – Additional Modeling
@Coda – Additional Modeling
CoolioArt – Additional Modeling
Kitani – Additional Modeling
MLSpence – Additional Modeling
KIATTON – Additional Backgrounds
Conor Badillo – Additional Backgrounds

50% of the streaming revenue of This Comes From Inside will be donated to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. TLDEF is a national legal advocacy organization that uses public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, and public policy efforts to achieve lived and legal equality for transgender people and to end all discrimination based on gender identity and expression. Find out more at

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How we could have known
That we’re stuck in a system
There was a pre-existing dictum
Programmed to do nothing else

Why feel so alone
When we share so much wisdom
But you set fire to the kingdom
Burn it all until it melts

Or else

Now this comes from inside
How long do we have to try
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die
Now this comes from inside
How long do we have to try
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die

Long time ago it was all for a show
Fill our wounds with a pound of salt
And your reason to justify scars you can’t quantify
Lock us inside a vault

Now this is your fault
Everything is a problem
There was a poison in the air
despair is an eternal blight

You’re losing it all
You’ve been blinded by stardom
You think that you’re alone but
we are waiting for you every night

You’re mine

Now this comes from inside
What you have I want it’s mine
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die
Now this comes from inside
What you have I want it’s mine
Now this comes from inside
And stays there until you die

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42 Responses

  1. Coda says:

    So excited to see this finally release!! Ever since the beginning of the year I’ve been seeing glimpses into what this eventually turned into and the final product is sure to blow peeps’ socks off! It’s been amazing to see so many people come together on this project and I highly implore people to go check out the team’s personal works too! You won’t be disappointed by the pure passion they all put into their work, and there’s no finer people fit for the job! I love Five Nights at Freddy’s!!!!!!

  2. Kyle Allen Music says:

    I’m so happy that Yoav sang at 1:29 and used the original vocoders from his first FNAF song. I’m honestly surprised he saved it! While this didn’t feel like an upbeat head banger, it felt like a peaceful wrap-up to the TLT FNAF trilogies and was filled to the brim with nostalgia and written in his more recent matured style. Thanks for coming back with one more bop!

    • Jeepster90 says:

      Agreed, this whole song holds a sad yet wonderful feeling of nostalgia. I love it SO much.

    • The Brainless says:

      he actually says “you think you are along but we are waiting *every night* with the vocoder

      big epics

    • Greyman says:

      Notice the dead animatronics dont have eyes either

    • corn says:

      THIS IS THE COMMENT. a lot of people including me were expecting a more upbeat rhythm but tbh this fits WAY MORE THAN ANYTHING WE COULD’VE IMAGINED. this song really is the best way to end the living tombstone’s FNaF series

    • Tu_Invest says:

      and i think, all love that election for the voice

  3. Feh Dubs says:

    I’m thrilled, a great nostalgia touched my heart listening to this song, thank you for that The Living Tombstone ❤

  4. Chi-chi says:

    Its so cool to see a legacy like this coming together, showing just how far ya’ll have come from the first song. You can see and hear all of the love and effort folks put into this, everyone involved should be very proud, ya’ll did amazing <3

  5. Kitten` Cloudy says:

    Incredible!! I could not stop smiling while watching and listening to this, the music is spectacular as always and the animation is fantastic! All 6 of the animators who worked on this did amazing the visuals where so captivating!! I was so excited when you posted you where doing a fnaf security breach song and I am not disappointed!! 😭 I’m now going to proceed to play this on loop for years 🙇‍♀️

  6. Seguidores de lo Extraño says:

    Esta cancion me a puesto la piel chinita al ver a todos los animatronicos juntos :,) te quiero mucho señor La lápida viviente

  7. Pape Vidal says:

    UFFFF TEMAZO!!!! De verdad me sentí como en las nubes con este temazo

    • yoeli perez says:

      @Salas Coppap paranada digo tiene el mejor video pero dudo que dentro de 3 años me alegre cuando me sale en mi playlist .

      no es mala solo no es adictiva

    • Salas Coppap says:

      @Ryu plus wtf quizás no sea tan
      buena como las antiguas pero no
      por eso es una basura todo lo contrario

    • Ryu plus says:

      A mí me encanta esta canción, hay gente que dice que esta canción es de las peores que han sacado de five nights at Freddy’s pero solo la comparan con las otras, esta canción es muy buena y eso no se pone en discusión!!

    • Germancrack _1 says:

      Es verdad pape está canción me hace sentir mucha nostalgia

    • Gameplays 21 says:

      pape 😮

  8. Jordinary Animations says:

    This feeling…. I feel like young agains hsbssb just like what you’ve done in my childhood TLT, you did amazing with another fnaf song

    • Yuuki Animates says:

      @Jeepster90 It took you back to 2014 when the 1st Fnaf song came out back to good all days

    • Jeepster90 says:

      For real though, I felt this unexplainable feeling throughout the whole song, ESPECIALLY when Freddy’s voice from the FNAF 1 song came up.

    • Yuuki Animates says:

      Ye, as always The Living Tombstone are the source for nostalgia for the years to come

  9. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    1:35 Really like the throwback to the first fnaf song’s vocal filters

  10. Namy Gaga says:

    Excellent work!
    I’m getting ready to do the mashu-up of the 6 songs!

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