Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Gameplay Trailer | PS5

A glimpse of FNAF: Security Breach.

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87 Responses

  1. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    that music is a banger

  2. IULITMx says:


  3. ContraNetwork says:

    *My body is not ready*

  4. SLYP1E says:

    It’s time boys…

  5. YGB M0NST3R says:

    Did anyone see dawkos reaction…it was priceless

  6. Akira Hisyam Gamingz says:

    five nights at freddy : the judgement of the JANITOR.

  7. Bayu Wrahatnoko says:

    I’m very satisfied about this trailer. Because the location is not at the narrow restaurant anymore. It’s wide, looks like a mall, and more dialogues I guess.

  8. Thormatic says:

    Me: Of course there isnt a new fnaf!
    Scott: Are you sure about that?

  9. Cece Williams says:

    Its satisfying knowing one of the views on this video is Jack Black himself.

  10. TiggysummerDoesStuff 69 says:

    Still love how they used a remastered version of “Crumbling dreams” or whatever it was called from sister location for the background music

  11. SirYEETerson says:

    So no one gonna talk about how BUFF freddy looks?

  12. Denzonian says:

    Without this trailer that State of Play would have been a complete failure. Everybody in the chat was spamming “BORING!” For the whole love stream, but this look amazing.

  13. KadeGamez YT says:

    PlayStation: may contain content to violent for kids
    Gregory: am I a joke to you?

  14. Mr Mann 23 says:

    Everybody Gangsta until matpat starts saying this is connected to cyberpunk 2077

  15. theonegrace says:

    0:31 this whole shot is just terrifying like dang

    • Just A Turtle says:

      It’s not scary. She’s just going back because it’s 3am and she doesn’t want her microwave to make a noise once they’re done cooking hot pockets.

  16. Cartoon.mp4 EXE says:

    They really said :

    “Let’s hype the fnaf fandom with a control shock”

  17. Kyle Muench says:

    Remember when the series was about a bear, chicken, fox, and bunny trying to break into your office?
    Me too.

  18. Thunderbuttes Or thunder says:

    The people who came in here

    PlayStation fans

    FNAF fans

    People who got this on there recommended

    And Rule 34 artists

  19. Nyx says:

    2020: The COVID strikes back.
    2021: Return of the games.

  20. Anime Doggo says:

    My mom when she checks my room to see if i’m studying : 1:44

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