Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Part 5

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – Part 5

We finally have what we need to take down Chica… but will she stay down?
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48 Responses

  1. JollibeeXD says:

    Markiplier: “haha got her between the eyes”

    Roxy: “I heard that” perfect timing 💀💀

  2. Aeroga says:

    Those security bots easily give the worst jump scares in the game

  3. Jane Shoko says:

    So I decoded the binary:
    The note Mark focused on said “why is i”
    There is also another note in binary around the room that says “hide”

  4. Sam Wenzel says:

    Mark has absolute perfect comedic timing with everything that he says in this series

  5. Wolfenstrike says:

    The game gets legitimately creepy at times, like Chica, before decomissioning, she’s annoying as heck, but without her voice box, she’s creepy AF.

    • DFQuartz IDN says:

      @That anime girl with the cape Also feels pretty bad that we’re the reason for that. Freddy and Gregory gets close throughout the game but then, Gregory has to decommission his friends (not sure if Monty’s a friend) to upgrade Freddy when at one point, Freddy tells Greg that he wouldn’t wanna hurt his friends. Being Greg here feels like piling up and hiding sins from a friend/father figure.

    • Kubster Player says:

      @That anime girl with the cape basically springtrap dead and afton turned into a virus

    • Crunch says:

      @comedy man Plus, the game mentions things like an arcade port of a mobile game, and smart phones didn’t exist back in 1987.

    • Francesco M says:

      creepy af = frightening

  6. Giniling Baka says:

    The “jumpscares” with the ‘wet floor’ bots are hilarious.
    Never gets old tbh.

  7. Daised says:

    Fun fact if you go with Freddy to the bowling alley he will say, “I don’t come here anymore, I miss him” and if u were wondering he is talking about Bonnie

  8. Allie_Gameplays says:

    Mark: “the game said Nothing about needing Freddy to pass the gate”
    The game: “says that you Need Freddy to enter gate beforehand”
    Mark: *ignores it entirely”

    • Rens van der meijs says:

      It reminds me about how Mark played Among Us with all those Youtubers.
      In there, Mark was a detective when he would pay attention, stopping to laugh and cutting in mid sentence the moment someone said something suspicious.
      Remembering most peoples moves.

      And then there was the invitation to the event.
      And reminders.
      All of which had a warning not to upload any gameplay until a specific date. And Markiplier either forgot like a Goldfish or didn’t read and just accept (like we often do with Terms and Conditions) and uploaded videos way before the agreed upon date.

      It is funny sometimes, but seeing him getting lost all the time does get annoying.
      I mean, why? He got lost at Roxy’s racetrack?
      That parts easy

    • Max Marks says:

      @That anime girl with the cape it’s a mental disorder that makes you more impulsive, forgetfull and unable to focus a lot of time. There’s more but that’s what it generally is characterized by :] hope this helped

    • CharlieHell says:

      The game doesn’t do a good job of explaining things…

    • Jude B says:

      Yeah ppl forget that Mark both has ADHD and is multitasking the entire time he’s working. Just sitting in silence playing a game with no responsibilities is not the same thing as having to play, talk and entertain, and also monitor all your equipment to make sure everything is working so you don’t do a ton of work and end up losing it. He deserves more credit.

    • Doomgath says:

      I saw an idiot in the game reviews saying the game gives no clues about what you’re supposed to do or something

  9. Hadeslayer says:

    Mark: “Is Chica spending time down here?”
    Well, she is from now on.

    • Foolish Donut says:

      Well not unless she escapes…. imagine watching a broken and destroyed chica croaking around the halls of the atrium and utility halls.

  10. Mamamew TheRani says:

    Mark: “Why does your voice sound so weird?”
    *Literally just performed a procedure to replace Freddy’s voicebox with a Chica’s broken one*

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