Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Ruin DLC Gameplay Trailer

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Ruin DLC Gameplay Trailer

The long awaited free DLC to Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is near!

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41 Responses

  1. Iker Unzu says:

    this month is being gold for FNAF

  2. Cole Kiesler says:

    Another thing I appreciate is the atmosphere of the pizzaplex. While the pizzaplex in the original game still was a very cool and memorable setting it still did not have the scare factor due to how bright and colorful everything looked. However here in the dlc everything is a lot more darker and run down almost giving us vibes to the classic Fnaf games. It’s amazing that Steel Wool knew the problems the original game had with its atmosphere and decided to help fix up in the dlc to make it truly look like a horror game.

    • GreenWolfN7 says:

      Well the game was never meant to be a horror game. Literally the rating of the game says action adventure

    • Lonixous says:

      Personally the super clean and mall-like pizzaplex Is probably a fantastic way of going about a FNAF game It’ll truly always be memorable for all.

    • Crazy Computer says:

      ​@GreenWolfN7 the franchise ALWAYS about horror, the only games that didn’t really focus on horror were UCN.
      Security Breach tried to be “horror” but it felt too kid friendly and it just wasn’t a FNaF game or a good one at least, still it was fun.

    • batatas assadas says:

      I believe Security Breach was supposed to be a thriller rather than a horror game. Ruin on the other hand is going full-on horror

    • GreenWolfN7 says:

      @Crazy Computer it never “tried to be horror”. It was openly stated it was not supposed to be a horror game.

  3. Jackie Estacado says:

    I love the “Don’t give up on me yet” line at the end. I feel like that’s the devs talking directly to us, It shows that they recognize the mistakes that were with this game and I really really hope they knock it out of the park with this one. I’m a massive fnaf fan and I was so dissapointed when this game first came out, the bugs, the annoying parts in the gameplay, the rushed, kind of incomplete story… Please, let this DLC be what Security breach was meant to be

    • TheRockBrick says:

      Yep, felt exactly the same way when I heard that line!

    • KronosTL says:

      Just what I though!

    • Milánek says:

      Yeah and it doesnt look to be rushed at all! They themselves made a release date meaning they are confident in the game being complete. Unlike last time, alot of stuff from the trailers was cut and it was because they had a deadline from Sony to release it by 2021. So that is why it was so rushed. But this time they have all the time they need so it should be great.

    • Lanabackwords- says:


    • MegaBubfish says:

      Calling the story “kind of incomplete” is like calling a ball of dough with a pepperoni on it “kind of a pizza.” I can’t believe they decided to release Security Breach at all with everything wrong with it and its complete failure to successfully follow up on the rest of FNAF. Hopefully, this will be a step towards making the game actually good.

  4. D.A.R.K. Kyugara says:

    I can’t wait to see MatPat making a 1 hour and a half video out of a 1-minute trailer.

  5. InfusionMC says:

    this is actually insane. two major reveals in the same week?? can’t wait for july, because this looks like actual horror.

    • My girlfriend's glasses got eaten by ants 😭 says:

      My girlfriend’s glasses got taken by ants in my video. They got EATEN 😢

  6. Mars says:

    The main character being called Cassie is very interesting. She will almost definitely be linked to Cassidy imo, although in what way I’m 100% not sure.
    The “don’t give up on me” line from Gregory I think is a reference to how Gregory is partially controlled by Glitchtrap/Mimic as confirmed in the books.
    As we see from Vanny/Vanessa, individuals controlled by him aren’t fully controlled and seem to switch between their normal personality and their brainwashed personality, so Gregory is probably the same.
    So, I think that this line is probably regular Gregory saying to Cassie that the real him is still in there, and that he’s not completely evil yet, so she shouldn’t give up on him.
    A lot of people have already linked Cassidy to Princess Quest, and in Security Breach we use Princess Quest to free Vanessa from Glitchtrap’s control, so I reckon something similar will happen in Ruin. Cassidy may have taken the form of Cassie (who looks similar to the Princess Quest girl) to free people who are controlled by Glitchtrap, in an attempt to end William’s influence on the world once and for all.

    • Mr.Feather130 says:

      That’s a pretty interesting theory about Cassie especially if she’s secretly Cassidy’s new form after she escape out of the princess quest arcade cabinet

    • a alright person says:

      I think Cassie could be talking to Gregory though the Vanny mask 0:54 too which supports your theory

    • 百エレメント - 100Element says:

      But he “Always come back”

    • Magdalena Vila says:

      @a alright person wow. Nice watching

    • HonestBear says:

      First time I heard Cassie, i thought it was Cassidy. I said to myself “ WHHHHAAAAAAAT”. Second, heard it Cassie so still think it’s related

  7. Zajcu37 says:

    What a great month. Two huge fnaf trailers in such a short time. The hype is real!!!

  8. Scraton Music Official says:

    What a rich year for FNAF! Security Breach specifically keeps being an inspiration for my music, thank you for all the work you guys put into these.

    Excited to hop on this journey😈💜

  9. mrXman66 says:

    Some parts, especially animatronic designs, almost feel like a different game when looking at them. This is phenomenal.

  10. baller says:

    This looks amazing. The team really did well on this. I hope they continue being like this

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