Five Stages of Watching a Disney Remake

Five Stages of Watching a Disney Remake

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OnlyLeigh presents The Five Stages of Watching a Disney Remake
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20 Responses

  1. BekensDwarf says:

    I feel this, but honestly jungle book was incredible

  2. Isaiah Pez says:

    Someone explain how they’re going to remake Lion King into a live action movie ? All I can guess is they’ll do the same thing they did with Jungle Book minus the boy.

  3. Jkop says:

    Stage 6: Rewatch the original and be happy again.

  4. N3bur _ says:

    But will we get remakes of remakes?

  5. Mark A. says:

    I don’t remember The Aristocats being racist. Dumbo is the Disney movie that had the “black birds” lol

  6. Miss X says:

    1:42 Hey! The Hunchback of Notre Dame is amazing!

  7. Jay Monte says:

    Stage Six: Go watch the original.

  8. HolyMolyOllyPolly says:

    “Why remake this?”
    Disney: “I like money.”

  9. yeswanth badugu says:

    marvel is Disney property and anybody saw that the girl is wearing DC shirt??

  10. DAY-V Entertainment™ says:

    I don’t mind remakes. I just hate it when they try to actually REPLACE them. I mean, you can like BOTH you know! The original and the reboot.

  11. Twizzcom Inc says:

    the fuck’s wrong with the gargoyles in Notre dame?!

  12. Archibald Belanus says:

    Racism in the aristocats ? Come on ! Have you seen Peter Pan ?

  13. The Schmi! says:

    That moment when they re-catch my entire feeling when watching Beauty and the Beast.

  14. Mirth Mouser says:

    I can’t tell if these two are dating or not.

  15. Jessica Cooper says:

    Disney cartoons worked because they were animation and had a magical feel about them. Live action just makes it look like everyone’s on drugs.

  16. Darth Vanquish says:

    I can’t wait to see the Empire Strikes Back remake this December!

  17. Christian Blaise says:

    Look on the bright side: If they remake Mulan, then McDonald’s may re-release that SCHEZWAN TERIYAKI DIPPING SAUCE!!!!

  18. Crybaby Jimins twenty one bellion phantastic jams says:

    *I would Like a Incredibles remake…Or sequel, or something*

  19. sirthom says:

    Here is my 2 stages:
    1. It’s gonna suck.
    2. Yup, I was right.

  20. Arun Mangrulkar says:

    I actually really enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast remake.

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