Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie – HISHE Features: OnlyLeigh

Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie – HISHE Features: OnlyLeigh

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Five Stages of Watching a Pixar Movie

HISHE Features: OnlyLeigh and her series, “Five Stages Of…” In this episode, and in the spirit of Inside Out hitting theaters, Leigh Lahav illustrates the Five Stages of Watching a Pixar Movie.

HISHE Features is a series where we feature other movie related content from creators who we think deserve time in the spotlight. The videos they make for this segment are their creation and does not alter our undivided focus on regular HISHE content. We just wanted to bring you new things.

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20 Responses

  1. Jay Parikh says:

    so basically euphoria

  2. SirVejeiro says:

    …”how original Pixar movies are”?
    Did anyone ever noticed how they copy other movies stories? Like, just look
    at Cars (2006) after you watch Doc Hollywood (1991)

  3. 4hotpink10 says:

    lol Cars sucks

  4. Rodimus says:

    Only a big liar will pass for Stage 1

  5. Phiniox Glade says:

    I didnt really like Inside Out.

  6. GardeBlaze says:

    This is me, except I never go through stage one. I love Pixar and am not
    afraid to deny it, and I loved this short.

  7. yomiku11 says:

    What a crap.

  8. Chris Gregory says:

    My stage is 1 stage: XD

  9. Harry Wompa says:

    Pixar original? Nevermore did it first.

  10. Eric Honaker says:

    Check it out, +Sonya Honaker and +Brigette Honaker 

  11. Ravenwriter says:

    God Pixars not original it took the ball from fucking rugrats 

  12. Jonahman45 says:

    I hate the new comment section.

  13. Brent Ramsten says:

    orginality is overrated, and if the parallel universes theory pans out,
    also a logical impossibility, like the last shape in a fractal.

  14. piplupcola says:

    Other than the last part, everything else is just rude to people who watch
    animated movies. Animation is not just for kids, if you wanna watch it, go
    watch it, don’t be them oscar people who will never understand it’s beauty.

  15. Stardust says:


  16. KP281091 says:

    This was boring

  17. Gabriel Cerda says:

    As much as I would have liked to see the movie. I would have left. I would
    not stand this. I do not condone constant chatter. Especially during a
    Pixar movie. Anyone who goes through this and speaks out loud needs to see
    a therapist.

  18. Elijah blechman says:

    if the guy hates her, then why does he sit next to her

  19. Josephine Stiles says:

    Whoever denies their love for Disney Pixar movies or just Disney in
    general, shame on you.

  20. steamfans says:

    Cars 2 was only half as crappy as people say it was. By the way, Michael
    Caine also starred in Jaws 4: The Revenge