Five Stages of Watching A Spider-Man Reboot

Five Stages of Watching A Spider-Man Reboot

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20 Responses

  1. Luis Alejandro Jauregui Diaz says:

    i was expecting the girl……

  2. Dalek Bricks says:


  3. Screen Ninja says:

    Am I the only one who really just doesn’t find these videos funny?

  4. XhunterDragon96 says:

    Where’s my emo spiderman though?

  5. TheLukeMc says:

    “Let’s never fight again”
    “Those Stan Lee cameos are so lame though”

    EDIT: stop liking this comment i wasn’t that funny lolz.

  6. Jonathan Theaters says:

    I’ve honestly never been this early to a hishe video

  7. Darkness Knight Hood says:

    Tobey the best Spider-Man
    Andrew 2nd best Spider-Man

    Tom holland the worst.too much reboots.

  8. panth753 says:

    I now ship the two guys together.

  9. English Pizza says:

    I miss OnlyLeigh doing stuff on her channel

    I love her style of animation and I love her style of nerd humor

    Please come back to us

  10. Electricity Hero 1 says:

    Do how GOTGV2 should have ended and how Zelda BOTW should have ended and the new power rangers.

  11. Diegoeduardo PR says:

    Who’s excited for the Venom movie…

    That’s what I thought

  12. H.1309 Taskmaster says:

    Soooo who’s hyped for Spiderman homecoming?

  13. alejandro gonzalez zerda says:

    how dare you talk about Stan Lee cameos like that!!??

  14. Arceus Lord of Creation says:

    I don’t think these stages were about the movie

  15. Brendan Burke says:

    watch the trailers and u dont hav to pay

  16. Nathan Watt says:

    I don’t think any Stan Lee cameo will top the GotG 2 one.

  17. ThatBoyMeechy says:

    I’m watching all the Spider-Man movies, including Captain America: Civil War. And I can’t wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

  18. Nafnaf says:


  19. Christina Hobbs says:

    “Those Stan Lee cameos are so lame though.”
    (Offended gasp)
    That was my offended gasp by the way

  20. Gears Starting says:

    The twist: It was her in disguise. haha

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