Fivio Foreign – Hello (Feat. Chlöe & KayCyy) [Official Video]

Fivio Foreign – Hello (Feat. Chlöe & KayCyy) [Official Video]

Official video for “Hello” by Fivio Foreign featuring Chlöe & KayCyy

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28 Responses

  1. Nia Łong says:

    I love the parts of all the artists in this song ! Such diversity, Melodie’s are hitting the way is should & fivio is trying something different too I see & I see the pain , he going through some crazy shit & tryna play it cool & hold it down, either way, great song , not a lot of songs out here where I want to listen to the entire track. . That’s how you know you did good . . Gotta give credit when it’s due !!

  2. AlmostHelpless says:

    Fivio Foreign is showing that he’s a lot more versatile than people give him credit for.

  3. 12 Piece says:

    Chloe has really killed it she has delivered the melody sound very well
    Kaycy has killed it to with the background voices in the chorus
    This is an amazing project
    Big up fivio

  4. PinkRoom Studios says:

    Chloe’s pen game and vocals are underrated. Do y’all hear the layers in these melodies? Top tier!

    • Trey Chapo says:

      @FromMyPointofView im saying like that extra effect in her singing wasn’t needed like she tried to hit some notes but not clean enough so she just used that effect

    • Aya 🦋 says:

      @Turnt all day I supported, but I’m not a trend followers so yeaaa ppl can’t complain ChLoe doesn’t use her talent but she has TONS of songs showing it.

    • Daisy B says:


    • Turnt all day says:

      @Aya 🦋 When they do good music it dont trend lol we get what we encourage

    • Chaka White says:

      @Amber Childress THANK YOU. She’s clearly not underrated

  5. NAOMI says:

    I love what fivio is saying & Chloe ate this up with the different harmonies bey taught her well it’s a nice chill melody 🎶

  6. Billion Billion says:

    Chloe don’t rest! Lyrically spot on getting baggs from all sides! Love it

    • FromMyPointofView says:

      @Bree Darcel Please don’t put pressure on this girl on her first debut album because so many people are expecting so much out of this album it is something shes never done before its not like dropping a single its a collection of some of her best work and everybody may not like it she’ll draw a lot of attention because everybody is anticipating it but then they will began to breakdown every song. and then deliver a verdict and what fans say won’t matter then.

    • FromMyPointofView says:

      @Carmen Sandiego Facts

    • nicole d says:

      @Bree Darcel 💯💯

    • Title Pending says:

      @Bree Darcel nah because I’m the beginning of you career you have no choice but to be serious

  7. Angelo Barnett says:

    Fivio so underrated but after this album I hope people realize this man is talented, one of my favorite songs off the album 🔥

  8. Trey Dennison says:

    FIRE! Fivio really goin up this year, he’s about to go crazy on all of the haters who doubted him fr. I hope he drops a vid for Changed on Me or Through the Fire soon. Keep it pushing Fivio!

  9. PinkNaomi Love says:

    When CHLÖE verse came up she killed it ✨✨✨✨✨✨That outfit looking good on her too 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    • ChatTime With MzKeke says:

      Honestly her verse the only one I really liked. I’m not a big gunna fan just came for some Chloe Bailey 👍🏽

  10. Amber Childress says:

    Chloé is a lyrical GENIUS for SURE for FACTS 💯 Vocals are TOP-TIER for FACTS for SURE 💯

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