Fixing Our Cheap (And Broken) Exotic Cars Was A Complete DISASTER

Fixing Our Cheap (And Broken) Exotic Cars Was A Complete DISASTER

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On today’s episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged the guys to fix their aging exotic cars themselves. While Tavarish is a human wrench, Tyler and Ed aren’t so inclined. The Ferrari 360 needs some serious un-pimping, the Lamborghini Gallardo is a total basket case that can’t take any fuel without spilling it, and the Aston Martin is full of surprises. This is going to be fun. Fingers crossed.
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41 Responses

  1. Hoovies Garage says:


  2. MissMusicQueen101 says:

    I feel like if by some miracle Ed somehow wins, he’ll sell the car to Tyler anyways

  3. MissMusicQueen101 says:

    Tyler: Time to reverse!
    Ferrari: LOL NOPE

  4. MX304 says:

    Cheating score card so far:
    Ed: 1
    Hoovie: 0
    Tavarish: 1.5

  5. Matthew Schreiner says:

    10:16 Worst thing I’ve ever seen someone do to a Ferrari

  6. Toxik Media Group says:

    “my whole car is dead” : Lambo Life

  7. Nico Chukalas says:

    Just seeing Freddy’s 675LT in the background is making me realize how much I love that car

  8. John-Paul Silke says:

    Ed, once again shrewdly negotiates someone else doing his work for him.

  9. AlexBrian16 says:

    “And the exceptional well dress Jared”
    *Focus on VinWiki logo*

  10. RMPY96 says:

    “my Celine Dion requires it”
    I have no idea how Ed got that out with a straight face

  11. Jacob Fowler says:

    Tyler: puts the 360 in reverse

    The 360: No, I don’t think I will

  12. Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic says:

    Tavarish: “Are you guys ready to get your hands dirty?!?”

    Ed: “I have people for that”
    Love you guys!

  13. PyroAficionado says:

    Oh that old dreaded phrase, “That didn’t hit the floor”

  14. Marine Vet says:

    Tavarish: Are you guys ready to get dirty
    Ed: I have people for that

    😂😂😂 hilarious

  15. Garrett Daniel Mitchell says:

    “That didn’t hit the floor” I know that pain all too well. That tool is now a part of the engine suffice it to say

  16. clfbruno1 says:

    “ITS FIXED!!”
    “No it’s not fixed, its masked.”
    Lol!! Great show guys. Really entertaining!!

  17. Matthew Koppa says:

    ed has FULLY embraced the Clarkson METHOD

  18. wldwst22 says:

    Ed Bolian = Jeremy Clarkson technical abilities.

  19. Craig R. says:

    Sorry, autotrader app. for this series, auto tempest is getting my clicks for a while

  20. Clint Gliford says:

    People who liked the previous aesthetic of Tyler’s Ferrari have 100 rolls of toilet paper in their basement

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