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20 Responses

  1. Michael Berioso says:

    Congratulations Casey!!!

  2. FindingAloha says:

    Congrats Casey!!! You deserve it!

  3. Pedro Andrade says:

    OMG he actualy won goooo cassey love you

  4. sweetouria says:

    U deserve it ?

  5. Beauty Le says:

    YAYA CONGRATS ON THE AWARD! you definitely deserve. super original, super
    cool, super real!

  6. Nejten says:

    OMG I feel so proud of him for winning this award, makes me all emotional
    inside, god damn it Casey. Well done and keep up

  7. waltherP99BG says:

    Wow … Cypress Hill at the end of the video.Congrats

  8. Justin R. - thewackyactions says:

    I know where that costume store is.

  9. Eno says:

    even when they were announcing the nominees you could tell by applause who
    earned their YouTube career and those who were nominated because of their
    popularity. Love you neistat

  10. Tracey Timmins says:

    Who noticed his and Romans titles were very simalar

  11. AussieKnivesAndStuff says:

    That’s great news, Congratulations mate.

  12. Ville E says:

    i feel like my vote helped. congrats casey ?

  13. WingArt says:

    f yea! gratz Casey!!

  14. Nick says:

    the ending had me weak ????

  15. YOJOSH says:

    Started Vlogging And Making Videos About Month Ago On Youtube. Casey Your A
    Huge Inspiration For Me To Keep Making Videos <3

  16. Logan Queen says:

    congratulations casey!

  17. Oscar Pina says:


  18. Go BigBLUEforLIFE says:

    Awesome congratulations Casey ?

  19. Carwyn Blosch says:

    Great too see you grow bro! Me and my friend have been watching your videos
    since “bike lanes” and that German waterpark video. Then you started
    vlogging and your channel just exploded and its great to see how far you’ve

  20. Nabeeha Ali says:

    Am I the only person who likes his videos before watching it?