FKA twigs – M3LL155X

FKA twigs – M3LL155X

Vinyl pre-order coming soon.

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20 Responses

  1. Silver Bueller says:

    I didn’t quite get what she gave birth to, runway models? This was great,
    tbh art is def going this way.

  2. Dua Khal says:

    +Mugen Yeah they did. For his time it was different and the public didn’t
    get it.

  3. L. Rebekah says:

    I LOVE YOU ???

  4. Casey Music says:

    +Tyshawn Davis I know, right? It’s a fucking twigs vid! This isn’t the
    place for this!

  5. tijames says:

    courage and passion.

  6. Yanoxi Naranjo says:


  7. Righteous One says:

    Loovvee!! So Creative! So Different! ♥

  8. jewpoc says:

    this is retarded

  9. matheus freitas says:

    Best Ep in 2015… just amazing!!!

  10. Zarathustra says:

    Michèle Lamy ayy

  11. Yuri Lopes says:


  12. ashley sara says:

    this just made my whole year

  13. N0LANITV says:

    She is everything- as a musician, as a dancer, as a visionary. A true
    artist. I have never been this captivated by anyone in a long time. She is
    what the industry needs in times of such vapid, watered down and
    commercialized music.

  14. TheSchwaWasntHere (Dog Days Are Over-- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :D) says:

    Okay I love FKA twigs, but can somebody explain to me I’m Your Doll… I
    mean really… I don’t get why she would turn herself into a sex doll, an
    object. Unless she’s doing something with that. I’m not looking to argue, I
    just want some insights heheh.

  15. Aaron Sibuna says:

    I’m crying pure joy :’)

  16. Treasure Trxye says:


  17. Breamon Daniel says:

    Extremely good, as always

  18. Kirill Balabanov says:

    Чо за нудятина

  19. Dua Khal says:

    +Quan-Douglas Ubiquitous Sylvester The Eleventeenth That’s what they say to
    any new artist who’s unconventional. They said it to Beethoven even.

  20. christopher edwards says:

    Kanye west + fka Twigs = best album ever to be made