Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin

Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin

These are my tips & tricks to achieving a smokey eye that is still very flattering when you’re pale. This has become my go to look when I don’t have a spray tan! I hope you guys enjoy!
I know a lot of people are wondering when The Vault Collection is launching… it is coming soon my loves! I will have he release date shortly! XOXO





Sisley Primer

Hourglass Stick Foundation

Dior Forever Foundation

Tarte Concealer

Charlotte Tilbury Powder

Lancome Absolue Powder

Anastasia Brow Definer

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

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Armed & Gorgeous Palette (The Vault Collection)

Flutter ‘Intoxicating’ Lashes

MAC Emphasize Powder

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Morphe 9N Blush Palette
(Discontinued) but this one is similar

Kylie Cosmetics Highlight ‘Santorini’

Kylie Cosmetics ‘Bare’ Velvet Lipstick

Kylie Cosmetics ‘So Cute’ Gloss

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42 Responses

  1. Emily Webster says:

    so if you have already done a video about this I can’t find it, but could you make a video dedicated to how to avoid cake face? I swear even with a thin layer of foundation my face just looks so powdery and cakey and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix that. a video about that would be great xx

    • Angelica Robinson says:

      Emily Webster have you tried those face razors? When I notice my makeup not going on smooth I use one and I’m shocked how much of a difference it makes. I have the lightest peach fuzz so I can’t see it but it comes off with the razor and its oddly satisfying.

    • LaciesLife says:

      Yep. Shave your face.

    • Simone Janse van Noordwyk says:

      Look into the compatibility between your moisturizer, primer, foundation and powder. Some moisturizers and primers are oil based and water based foundation separates over these. If your foundation is oil based, you want all your face products to be oil/silicone (although bad for your skin) based. Same is true for water based foundations – work well with water based skin products. Are you using a loose or pressed powder? Because pressed powders also contain oils…

    • soraya kharid says:

      Exfoliate your face and use face mask right after. It’ll help to smoothen your skin and makeup will look better when your skin is in good condition.

    • staciturner1979 says:

      Yesssss. Face razors and setting spray.

  2. Kat's Chats says:

    So awesome seeing you back! You taught so well, I love when you talk and explain and do new things. Hoping you keep active! Love u!!!

  3. Jen San says:

    I see all these videos and hear all this hate towards you. But watching your videos I get the impression of a a very hard working woman. A woman who aspires to be better every day. Keep on slaying! #JaclynHill 💯

  4. Mendy Walters says:

    Love you still do tutorials!!!! A lot of you tubers don’t anymore! Love u girl 😻 we see you uploading consistently

  5. Liz says:

    Jaclyn’s tutorials always inspire me to get back into eye shadow! I love how she explains things and teaches. <3

  6. Rhonda Lareese says:

    Why am I so mesmerized by Jaclyn’s nails 🙌🏾

    • Stephanie L. says:

      Rhonda Lareese yes! I have a nail polish from Sinful Colors Gel Tech formula called Picante and it’s pretty much a dead on match. Gonna paint my toes that color today.

    • Laced WithLacey says:

      Rhonda Lareese I’m always looking at her nails!

  7. Debra Giroux says:

    Mmm yes I have to try the Tatcha primer to 😍 @JaclynHill
    I freaken love your personality 😂😊👌💕

  8. Alexisjayda says:

    I don’t have pale skin but just wanted to show some love and watch 😍 love how you explain things!

  9. Candace Quintero says:

    How do you get your hair so sleek and straight?! Do a tutorial on what products you use as well😍

  10. Stephanie Mendez says:

    Yes makeup really does turn your world with confidence and makes you feel like a million bucks 😗😏.

  11. Brandi Guice says:

    A new editor? This was different then normal. Pretty sure I like it. But idk yet.

  12. Kristina M. says:

    Another pale queen is John Maclean 🙌🏼

  13. Shannon Skye says:

    How does she do makeup with those nails😂I can’t even do makeup with short nails

  14. Misty Parsons says:

    You look absolutely STUNNING!!😍🔥💣💥 I’m SO happy to see you uploading more..I’ve missed you SOOO much. I really enjoyed this tutorial..keep them coming. Love you, Jaclyn!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🍾🍾

  15. ambdance00 says:

    It’s so true what you say about the power that makeup gives you. So much more confidence and the ability to go into the world with a better attitude

  16. YariGlows215 says:

    Just perfect for me and my pale skin,thanks Jaclyn.💖
    Sending you loads of Positive vibes & good wishes hun.🤗

  17. Hannah Parsons says:

    When will the vault be coming back?

  18. Pride In Photos BEAUTY says:

    Enjoyed Jaclyn!! I am very light skinned, was excited to see what you would share. I have used the Lancome Absolue powder for over 20 years, isn’t it amazing?! Thank you for sharing the Mac Pro Emphasizing Shaping Powder tip. I wasn’t aware of this product and I thought it looked great on you. 💝Blessings, Laurie

    • Dahee Han says:

      Pride In Photos BEAUTY
      I watched some of your videoes because of this comment and I LOVE your tutorials! Also, LOOOOOOVE your little laughter💜

  19. The Dibs Life says:

    Such a pretty look! 💛

  20. Guia says:

    I’m Famous Jaclyn Hill

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