FlightReacts To #6 WARRIORS at #7 LAKERS | FULL GAME 6 HIGHLIGHTS | May 12, 2023!

FlightReacts To #6 WARRIORS at #7 LAKERS | FULL GAME 6 HIGHLIGHTS | May 12, 2023!

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48 Responses

  1. Ben Henderson says:

    “Whoever prayed for my downfall, you won”

    – Flight 💀

    • Yukong says:

      nobody did but warriors had it coming since the start of the season.

    • MittenIsAGod says:

      ​@Yukong i think everyone wanted to see this video and his reaction lol😂😂😂😂 many prayed

    • Coffee Coder YT says:

      @Yukong fr ever since beat my small dog Kings they deserve to be put down but big dogs

    • Yukong says:

      @MittenIsAGod I knew the video gonna be gold 😂 but it was better than that. Well he still got lakers to support.

    • Yukong says:

      @Coffee Coder YT well who told that bench player to make that ig story. Bron got them today 😂

  2. Samuel Rowe says:

    I lost it when he said, “the dog literally said game 7 bro” 😂

  3. Fire Hawk says:

    I love how Flight went from applauding the refs for letting the players play it out and not call anything to him calling every flop/minor touch on GS a flagrant 😂

    • my name Casa says:

      Nigga said play real basketball 🤣🤣 Flights logic be killing me 🤣

    • Sammie Jones Jr. says:

      The flopping and ref calls got ridiculous and I hate golden state but this was sad

    • Get Buckets says:

      @Sammie Jones Jr.That’s tuff. Cancun on 3

    • Devonta Cosby says:

      @Sammie Jones Jr. gsw was setting to many illegal screens

    • Sammie Jones Jr. says:

      @Devonta Cosby  lmao, and that resulted in 42 free throws, huh? That put them over the limit, huh? I got tired of seeing the warriors get that kind of favor last year. Now the Lakers are getting it this year they pick who they want to promote.

  4. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    No matter what happens your favorite team wins Flight 🥰🥰

  5. Micoh de Guzman says:

    To be fair, Klay’s 8 points was his way of tribute to Kobe 😂.

  6. LakerCarlos says:

    I started dying when he said “the dog literally said game 7” 😂😂

  7. Vincent the mediocre says:


    • Yulds says:

      I upload funny entertaining videos just like Flight…Your support would mean everything to me…🖤

    • Suchomimus60 says:


    • First name Last name says:

      Flight is going to be sad that his second favorite team is heading to Cancun, but Flight is going to be happy that his favorite team is advancing to the Western Conference Finals to play the Denver Nuggets

    • Alternative Flow says:

      I already seen it in his live

    • BroFiss says:

      Congratulations to Jordan Poole for securing his star player spot on the shanghai Sharks! Super proud and happy for his success. Hard work and shooting straight Nothing but net will really get you far 🤩

  8. Lawsoncuh says:


  9. WafflesRbetter says:

    All jokes aside, actually appreciate that Flight went through like 50 phases of depression in the season lol. Hell of a season of reactions but his team now has to play the Nuggets 👍🏽

    • YungDripGod says:

      I predict lakers vs heat and lakers in 6

    • WafflesRbetter says:

      @YungDripGod as a heat fan, I see Boston beating philly but Boston beating the heat in 5 possibly. We match up way better with the 76ers. Plus I see Tatum getting out of his slump if they were to advance. Would love to see my Heat but I have Denver and Celtics with Denver in 6

    • ldougiel says:

      @WafflesRbetterlebron not losing bro

    • Recreation says:

      ? Is this supposed to be funny

  10. GS319 says:

    When I saw everyone had Triple singles for the warriors I couldn’t wait for flight to react to this 😂😂😂

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