Flinch w/ Blackpink

Flinch w/ Blackpink

James asks the women of South Korean pop group Blackpink to play a game of Flinch, testing their nerves of steel. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa each take turns standing behind a slate of plexiglass and must remain still as various fruits are fired at them at high rates of speed.

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41 Responses

  1. jr sri says:

    lisa looks beautiful in a bright green dress.

  2. Katthareeya Yingsook says:

    Lisa is so cute and hot at the same time i really like her ❤️??

  3. Pretty Pretty says:

    So fun? Lisa love you ? Blackpink love you??

  4. TKU Black says:

    Lisa, I like your smile very much. Very strong. I really respect you.

  5. Lyn Brucales says:



  6. Preeyanuch Greatasai says:

    Lisa, she’s awesome. She is a really beautiful and perfect woman.

  7. sugar kim says:

    She’s beautiful. She’s cool. She’s sexy. But she’s cute. Because everything is her.ponytail girl lisa from blackping.

  8. Talalalalat Grace says:

    James: you don’t seem that scared
    Jisoo: *I’m not scary*

  9. Preeyanuch Greatasai says:

    Lisa is very perfect. I do not know how others will look at her. But for me, she’s the best ❤️??

  10. BTS _lover like that says:

    That was so funny, jisoo is so cute and her english is getting better.

    Love you BLACKPINK

  11. MilesJordan says:

    3:44 I love how Jennie flinched even tho she wasn’t behind the glass ?? this segment was great btw

  12. Jennelyn Legaspi says:

    I’m a blink now because of jisoo ? she so cute and I love her already ???

    • Chelsy Faith says:

      Ikr people need to appreciate her more

    • Kiethian Navyintcet says:

      Welcome new BLINK!! Love youuu!! Please do support all of them even tho you have a favorite! no pressure! And please “STAY” and we “HOPE NOT” to disappoint you! So let’s “KICK IT”!! (Those words inside “quotations” are some of BLACKPINK’s songs! Please check them all out!) Thank you for choosing BLACKPINK and most especially our Miss Korea “Queen Jisoo-unnie!” You’re blessed with a very good heart????

  13. Sara Zeynal says:


  14. Nana H says:

    Jisso is Savage she didn’t even freak out ? ?? and she is getting confident and Seems comfortable speaking english, they look all happy to be interviewed here uwuu

  15. Stella Mavridou says:

    A brave philosopher once said:
    “I’m not scary”

    -Kim Jisoo, 2019

  16. Vin. cy says:

    Jisoo is great at variety shows despite the language barrier WE STAN

  17. Syeda _ReVeLuv says:

    Jisoo is becoming more and more confident in english

    We stan a goddess

  18. Valeria S says:

    Jisoo is so cute!!! Her reaction really reminded me of Taehyung lol

  19. Anfac Abdul says:

    Jisoo is so more confident in speaking English now. Go Jisoo!!!❤️❤️❤️

  20. Valeria S says:

    I really loved how James really included Jisoo despite her not being fluent in English. She looked super comfortable and I’m so glad she was!

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