Flirting with Ranboo on a dating show.

Flirting with Ranboo on a dating show.

ok but why does this video exist
does anyone else think ranboo looks hot? no but like- no but- aha- no- aha- no but- aha jk- aha


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31 Responses

  1. Sol says:

    Tommy: “I’m totally straight guys trust me”
    Also Tommy: *ranboo is an exception*

  2. Superking 100 says:

    Most people: “I chose love because I actually care about you”
    Ranboo: “I chose love because I am tired and don’t feel like streaming later”

  3. Camila OwO says:

    I love how this whole Love or Host wasn’t even about finding someone it was just “What makes you better than Ranboo?”

  4. Xavier says:

    Chat’s character development towards Alli was hilarious from the beginning to the end of the stream

  5. Melancholy Goat says:

    I’m ngl- Olive was such a mood throughout that
    Edit: When she was talking about her parents and everything and getting a boyfriend- that was hilariously relatable

  6. Hanna Mooch says:

    I love the development of their friendship. It went from “Tommy hates Ranboo” to “Tommy has the hots for Ranboo” really quickly lol

  7. Sophia Miller says:

    I like how tommy was 100 percent prepared to pick ranboo but ranboo texted him that he felt ill and wanted to go so tommy eliminated him. Living for their wholesome friendship rn

  8. Snowdrop Pax says:

    You can actually see how happy he is to see Ranboo bc Ranboo is someone he actually knows and won’t feel awkward around.

  9. dreiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :O says:

    “I don’t wanna know what made you”
    “What happened to uncle nasty?”
    “Why do I feel like we’re all grounded”
    (Oh god Ranboo getting roasted)

  10. Jam Hopsey says:

    everyone who watched this but didn’t catch the stream will never know how painfully difficult this was to sit through in full

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