Flooding in Europe kills at least 150 with hundreds still missing | DW News

Flooding in Europe kills at least 150 with hundreds still missing | DW News

Record-breaking floods have killed at least 150 people in western Europe. Most of the deaths are in Germany’s west – where the disaster area stretches between the towns of Heinsberg, Erftstadt and Ahrweiler, near the border with the Netherlands and Belgium. More than 130 people have been confirmed dead and more than a thousand are still missing. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has promised support for victims’ families, and to the damaged towns.
In Belgium, at least 20 people have died in the flooding. The government has declared Tuesday a national day of mourning.
The towns of Liège in Belgium and Venlo in the Netherlands have been hit hard. In Venlo 10,000 people were told to evacuate, as well as 200 patients from a hospital. In Liege, the swollen Meuse river has burst.

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33 Responses

  1. Naeem Tahir says:

    My feel sorry to see that. RIP for the peoples who died. Hope its gets batter.from Pakistan

    • Joll Does says:

      @surgical analysis + What matter is the message professor!

    • Naeem Tahir says:

      @surgical analysis grammar is not important.massage is. I’m not here to teach English.

    • Naeem Tahir says:

      @INFO – GUERRA didn’t understand

    • Rather Not says:

      @surgical analysis WELL he could have said Germany got what they deserved instead of sympathizing. Germans and the west never sent condolences to people dying from natural disasters when it occurred in Pakistan.

  2. AL Johnson says:

    Florida feels your pain. Rebuilding has become a way of life for us in the South. Prayers for the German people for a quick recovery and healing to the families that suffered major losses.

  3. 1947 The Factory says:

    This is so sad, may all people who are dead rest in peace, and our soul is next to all their families.

  4. Rabi Paul says:

    So sad,Heart breaking ,shocking pictures , really sorry for all Germany people , love from Indian.

  5. Rick Sanchez says:

    As a german emergency worker all the comments make me almost cry. Thank you so much for all your kind words. This gives me some more strength. 💪

  6. Marceline Peters says:

    It’s such a sad situation. My prayers are with the people of Germany ,Belgium and all affected areas🙏🙏

  7. Keith Bannister says:


    • Bumblesnuff buffallobath says:

      Prayer does nothing buddy

      Donate to some relief organization if you really wanna help

  8. Plopseven says:

    Stop government subsidies of oil and gas companies. Let the “free market” they love so much sort them out.

  9. Scenic Fights says:

    Prayers and condolences to everyone affected by the floods. This is so sad.

  10. Hoem sat says:

    Pray for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands❤️🙏
    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!🙏 From Cambodia❤️

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