Floods: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Floods: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver explains why our federal system for financing flood recovery perpetuates a pattern of destruction and why you should never offer a tortilla chip to a seagull.

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20 Responses

  1. a m a z o n says:

    no tostitos! NO TOSTITOS!!

    Aside: Tostitos no longer looks like a word and I’m still not convinced I spelled it correctly.

  2. RABART54 says:

    The American 1% Billionaire Oligarchy Ruling Class and Their Owned American Corporations Always Get Richer at the Expense of America’s 99% Slave Class – Here is Just Another Example the Rigged American Capitalistic Financial System..!

  3. ForTaxReasons says:

    Who else is planning on watching Buy the Beach as soon as the video ends

  4. Rynjinivar says:

    Seems like a potential solution to people not wanting to move is to give monetary incentives to do so. Same way you can get some government money for moving to Alaska, give the people in repeated flooding areas a buyout and some extra money, or tax breaks, or something to move out somewhere else. If you’re paying 8-10x the property’s value in insurance claims over the life of the property or owner(s), even paying up to twice or three times what the house is worth saves a hell of a lot of money in the long run.

  5. Wendy Pippin-Yarberry says:

    The thing he said about seagulls is true. I gave a gull a Dorito at Lake Tahoe and eventually just let him take the whole bag. It was actually almost scary.

  6. Matthew Trzcinski says:

    So, the program has to be renewed in December? What happens while congress debates it for the next two years?

  7. DN 13 says:

    His show has gone downhill this past year. I used to love his show but it’s just not funny anymore.

  8. dodopoopinpoop says:

    The government needs cut out these stupid middle men insurance companies and just take home the costs and rewards. On top of that if morons want to live on the coasts, or an asinine place that house that flooded 40 times. Fuck em they fit that themselves. That’s bullshit. At best I’d pay for them to relocate but seriously why would live in shitty houses like that?

  9. Myles Moore says:

    Nice show, you guys should check out Clowning Down South a new series that just started on here it is hilarious, https://youtu.be/Oon1MNnwxo4

  10. Alison Calhoun says:

    Is that Seagull’s voice also Bear from “Bear In The Big Blue House”????!?!?!

  11. William Brennan says:

    Obviously, the picture was taken by the Tostitos seagull

  12. abb criss says:

    did… did he forget this is supposed to be a liberal program? talks about how giving people money takes away incentives from them to improve their condition and how its a bad idea to give people money for poor choices.

  13. Ral Deform says:

    And paying of politicians, sorry ‘lobbing’, is legal because it works right. Shit you people are idiots.
    You’re nation neeeeds to die. Don’t fight it, give Trump 4 more years

  14. A ctionMS says:

    The thing with anthropogenic climate change is this: Correlation does not allways indicate causation, but a lot of researchers in the field get this wrong. And the fact that many aspects of global climate dynamics are still not very well understood makes some people’s claims about the mechanics at work sound very dogmatic.

    Is the climate changing? Sure, it allways is. We are in fact still at the end of an ice age. So global warming should be expected.

    Is it man made? In the last 2000 years we already had warmer periods than now, so how would these be explained?

    Is it causing more frequent flooding and other natural disasters? With todays media overhyping every disaster at the far end of the world, it sure seems like everything is getting worse and worse. We would need some solid statistics wich is hard to do because in many regions around the globe they simply didn’t take track in a scientific way until very recent.

    These are solid arguments that need addressing. I for one do believe that we are in fact causing the climate to change and that we should make every effort to counter it. If you look at the rate the global temperature is rising, it is far faster than anytime in the last 10 millennia. That is a fact that can not be disputed. But most importantly of all: The question is not if we can trust those who advocate for climate control. The question is if we can afford not to listen and later find out they were right.

    The problem I’m now having with LWTN simply shouting “IT IS” is that it comes off like an opinion and in no way reflects the research and arguments for man made global warming. I know this week’s show wasn’t centered on that question, but they weren’t doing the debate any favour.
    What they should do is make a segment about the topic where they don’t insult those who feel like their arguments are not heard but rather adress those arguments and explain where the scientific community stands and why. Don’t just say Trump is dumb for pulling out of Paris. Prove he is dumb. But also reflect on why Paris is no ideal solution to begin with.

  15. Harry Garris says:

    As a parent of a child who sleeps so heavily he struggles to wake up at night in time to run to the bathroom, I would say I have a good amount of experience with flooding.

  16. D. T. G. says:

    That bird species pooped on me once at the zoo. Yeah, I don’t like that bird.

  17. Rikki Tikki Tavi says:

    Zionist Jews control the mainstream media and alternate news channels boycott Isreal!

  18. Ze Watcheur says:


    http://curs.io/X5QYtrGA or http://curs.io/X5QYtrGA

    You’re welcome !

  19. Creepy Stares says:

    Repubs will consider this flood program a socialist fund, yet will happily will siphon as much money out of it as possible for themselves. The situation won’t change due to the profits of the insurance companies, like everything in America. It takes generations to fix problems because too many making too much money off of bad actions.

  20. Detroit Dawg says:

    And people complaining about Puerto Rico’s government.

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