Florida City Official Calls Out Mayor for COVID-19 Response | NowThis

Florida City Official Calls Out Mayor for COVID-19 Response | NowThis

An outraged city official called out the mayor for trying to cut off people’s power during a pandemic.
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In US news and current events today, official Omari Hardy accused this Florida mayor of Lake Worth Beach for negligent inaction during a heated city commission meeting.

Hardy says his request for a March 13 meeting regarding the city’s plans to deal with the pandemic was denied. Residents also called
out the city’s response to COVID-19 via letters.

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45 Responses

  1. YAD GLOW says:

    City Mayor: *I didn’t do anything.*
    Best response would be: *Exactly.*

    She’s either plain incompetent or just don’t care about this serious global crisis that’s killing thousands of people worldwide and affecting literally everybody’s daily lives. Respect to the guy who stood up though he clearly cares.

    • The Great Owl says:

      @Sandra Lewis

      It is the very real threat of rioting hordes that SHOULD motivate the haves to not be so tone-deaf. I support the natural right of a man with a hungry family to take whatever he can from the rich man’s table.

      Here in Ga, all of Atlanta got up and went all over the place this weekend. The starving masses will be at your door the moment they realize there’s food behind it. The answer is strong communities. Hope you’re right with your neighbors.

    • Sandra Lewis says:

      @The Great Owl Absolutely! We live in an area where gardening, hunting, farming, and animal husbandry is a way of life. A group of us already keep a close eye on the welfare of our older neighbors, shopping, cleaning, and cooking for them. I volunteer for a food bank in a small town. Nobody here talks about what they have or where it may be hidden. On our properties we have hidden cellars and our cellars have cellars. When the army stops to check on our food supplies–if they can find us–there will be nothing to see except a working pantry. I am not one of the “haves”. I’m just a very busy little red hen. I’ll help where I can but nobody is entitled to the fruits of my labors. Where I live the signs are posted regarding the disposition of trespassers and revenuers. All kidding aside, the haves will probably be prepared to repel invaders for awhile. I’d hate to see it come to that and believe rationing would occur first.

    • The Great Owl says:

      @Sandra Lewis

      Most people would call me a have, but I come from a very long line of little red hens, and I remember what my grandmother taught me. Seems like a lot of folks either didn’t listen to or didn’t have decent grandmothers. Or maybe I was just really lucky.

      Be well. Be a good neighbor. Weather the storm. ✌️

    • Lesha Gayle says:

      Your right about that

    • Rabishankar Pal says:

      @Sandra Lewis That’s great man. Serving selflessly. May you be blessed.

  2. MillionShadesofDarkness says:

    Government: Stay home, mandatory lockdown, dont go to work or make any money.
    Also Government: Rent’s still due on the 15th btw

  3. AzTex 713 says:

    the fact that she endorsed him at the end sarcastically, should he choose to run for mayor is in the bag. omari hardy for statehouse

  4. Miguel Angel says:

    This man should be in that woman’s seat. Clearly deserves it way more than her

  5. DisGuised F says:

    Hardy: you failed to act
    Mayor’s defense: I didn’t do anything.
    Yes exactly

  6. thewalrus cat says:

    “I didn’t do anything” THATS WHY WE ARE ANGRY!!!!

  7. SoulReaver267 says:

    “I didn’t do anything.”
    America; Exactly.

  8. Luke Quin says:

    Her: I didn’t do anything
    Him: exactly!!

  9. Beauty20ify says:

    “You’re done” lady you should be done and kicked out of that leadership position for doing nothing.

  10. Isah Burias says:

    He represents the outrage of the people. Everything he said is on point!

  11. Zrclle says:

    It’s “disrespectful” when someone speaks up when nobody wants to

  12. Thank You Lord says:

    GOD BLESS that man. He should definitely be in her shoes.

  13. Daniel says:

    This lady is a disgrace, shame on you.

  14. Auto Naught says:

    “this gentleman has turned people’s lights off in the middle of a health pandemic”
    First thing to come out of that woman’s mouth a kind of snotty ‘point of order’

  15. Hary Irfantri says:

    “This is a banana republic.”

    Cool words

  16. TheSinglePlayer says:

    When tough times come around you have 2 kinds of people:

    Those how cowardly go silent.
    Those who loudly rise up for what’s right.

  17. 0m3n says:

    We need people EXACTLY like him. He’s speaking for us and gets just as emotional as we do and wants the best for the community

  18. alioxinfree says:

    Mayor Triolo: remember that name as a mayor to PRIMARY.

  19. Adam Guinther says:

    “Point of Order”. What she meant was; don’t be passionate about your job, we’re just here to rob people.

  20. Reina Arana! says:

    That lady is disrespectful AF
    She ain’t no leader, she doesn’t care about the citizens

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