Florida Democratic Debate presented by Univision & The Washington Post

Florida Democratic Debate presented by Univision & The Washington Post

Less than 24 hours after Bernie Sanders‘ surprise win in the Michigan primary, the Vermont Senator faced off against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 8th Democratic debate. Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas, and The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty moderated the debate asking questions ranging from immigration, abortion, and Latin American relations.

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20 Responses

  1. Christian Barreto Hernandez says:


  2. Will Wright says:

    Bernie came off so string in this debate. Let Go #FeelTheBern
    #BernieSanders2016 No Compromise!

  3. Adam Jones says:

    For those of you who don’t remember him, Sebastien de la Cruz was the 11
    year old kid who sang the National Anthem in San Antonio after his time on
    America’s Got Talent. He was torn down by nearly every racist conservative
    nutjob in the country and called many horrible names. It’s good to see him
    appear on a national presidential stage and receive that much applause
    after his performance. Glad to see that the words of those who tried to
    hurt him didn’t stop him from continuing to sing the National Anthem.

  4. Jay A says:

    That awkward moment at 51:35 when a presidential candidate promises to
    reunite you with your children who are sitting right next to you.

  5. Jason Lee says:

    “Im not a natural politician like my husband is” *barf LIES

  6. Adam Jones says:

    We’re gonna take a break”

  7. David Zhu says:

    1:18:45 Hillary talks for 2+ minutes, moderator doesn’t say a thing. Bernie
    talks for 30 seconds.. “YOUR TIME IS UP”.

  8. Jade Turner says:

    The moderators were so biased there’s no way we can consider this a real
    debate. Pretty disgusted by the unilateral direct attacks.

  9. Roman Natale says:

    Clinton clearly won this debate.

  10. Owen Hein-Phillips says:

    Doesn’t Hillary know there is a difference between 100% coverage and
    universal healthcare?

  11. mymoney301 says:

    She will make her emails public, but not her speeches to the banks… I
    honestly cant stand this woman.

  12. Trump for President says:

    She didn’t want to answer the question of “If you’re indicted, will you
    drop out?”
    The democrats are protecting her.

  13. TheMaskedProducer says:

    Starts at 10:05 with Clinton’s introduction.

  14. Godcaly123 says:

    LOL that standing ovation at the end threw her off so bad, and then the
    “Bernie” chant at the end hahahaha, she’s so pissed.

  15. hardworking intellectual says:

    illegals pay taxes
    illegals can’t use benefits without a social security number
    illegals cannot be on unemployment or section 8 or welfare or food stamps
    so they need a job and need to pay money to get to work

  16. Edward Jordan says:

    Where is the public record that Hillary went to Wall Street and told them
    to “cut it out”? She has said that over and over, yet I can find no record
    of such an event? As she is not releasing those speeches it is becoming
    very obvious that she doesn’t want voters to see what she said.
    #ReleaseTheTranscripts #HillNo #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

  17. Mickey Romeo says:

    starts at 9:28

  18. George Hawkins says:

    I’m typically independent but I can say with a clear conscience that I
    would take Sanders over Clinton as president any day. I think the American
    people are beginning to take note. Let’s hope it isn’t too late.

  19. Sebastian Correa says:

    I am stunned. This was Bernie at his best. He is an amazing person, but he
    was too nice to Hillary. This is what we need: Bernie being aggressive and
    calling her out on her lies. She twists the truth on him so she has to be
    held accountable.

  20. Manny L says:

    5 children!??????