Florida Georgia Line – Second Guessing (From Songland)

Florida Georgia Line – Second Guessing (From Songland)

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Second Guessing (From Songland). © 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


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43 Responses

  1. Virginia Dionne says:

    I’m watching the show right now!! also FIRST

  2. Michelle Plucinski says:

    I have been listening to u gusy for EVER

  3. Tammy Turner Lucas says:

    Just finished show and immediately came to listen to this

  4. chuck mcginty says:

    This is how a man should feel about his wife….if you don’t, don’t give her your last name, she deserves better. I’m 6 days from my 23 anniversary, can’t imagine life without my wife.

  5. coilboundflower says:

    Never been a fan of Country, but this song is fabulous.

  6. mollie johnson says:

    Songland really came out with a hit on this one

  7. Jayden Butler says:

    So glad y’all took that from songland I was hoping y’all were going to pick that song

  8. Melanie Tomasic says:

    I WILL be dancing to this song at my wedding

  9. Jane Lougheed says:

    I don’t need to spend one second guessing…this song is going platinum! Amazing!!! 🇨🇦

  10. Samtheman says:

    I didn’t spend one second liking this video… we need more of this.

  11. Anna Randazzo says:

    Griffen wrote such a beautiful song!! So happy they picked his song!

  12. Meg loggins says:

    Just watched the show, had to listen to FGL version immediately. Fantastic!

  13. nelson okoro says:

    The chills this song gives… I can see myself dancing to this on my wedding.

  14. Tee Thompson says:

    Beautiful , I watched the episode tonight of the making of this songland . It was amazing, and this song was meant for Georgia Florida line and they done a great job. As it was said by Georgia Florida line this song is timeless. It resinated with what was felt when they met their lovely ladies. What women wouldn’t want that said to them by a handsome man they love as well. Love it!!! I’m not a country fan but I definitely big fan and love these guys country music!!!

  15. Jennifer Baker says:

    I just got through watching Song Land and came straight here to listen to the song! AWESOMENESS!
    I love that song!!

  16. Krystal Flores says:

    Omg!!! I fell in love with the song the first go round and reround so my fiancé could listen once he was out of the shower. He loved it just as much as I did. Our wedding is in June 2021 and I thought I had all my songs written in stone but now this! I’m so happy this song came out and I am so close to replacing another great country song with this one because it’s just that great! (Have to talk that one over real good lol) Thank you FGL and Songland for this beautiful song!

  17. Shannon Evans says:

    I’m sure anyone who has passed this guy up in the music industry is “second guessing” that choice! He Nailed It!

  18. Shivana Ram says:

    I got INSTANT chills just hearing them sing this song. Beautifully done and congrats to Griffen!

  19. Pam Johnson says:

    I just watched Songland and I fell in love with this song and the lyrics! It’s a song that anyone can relate no matter your age, race, or background. Thank you Griffin for writing such a beautiful song that will stand the test of time!

  20. avi fine says:

    I feel like the song doesnt match the way they sing and pronounce words (but its a really nice song)

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