Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins: First Round, Gm 7 | Full Game Highlights

Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins: First Round, Gm 7 | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the Florida Panthers’ Game 7 win over the 65-win Boston Bruins to advance to the second round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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37 Responses

  1. Sparky Newman says:

    The crazy part is not that Boston lost, but how they lost: Losing 3 consecutive games was unfathomable for them in the regular season.

    • Jason Herting says:

      As a capitals fan.i lived through this same thing for literally decades.just once in Boston you guys will live.the heart attack caps did this every year until they won the cup

    • Mystic One says:

      Bruins collapsed again, just like they did playing the Lightning 2 years ago. Somehow, they don’t have staying power, which many other teams do. Hard to understand, they have so much talent!! Is coaching the problem???

    • Trevor Hodkinson says:

      As a flyers fan 2010 baby

    • Michael Scott Howard says:

      Well to Cleveland..

    • William Baker says:

      bruins didnt want the cup, they felt they won enough already

  2. Wesley Drozd says:

    Congratulations Florida Panthers from New York Rangers fan. Incredible, WOW.

  3. Brett Kenschaft says:

    This was a series for the ages! Just goes to show that a great regular season doesn’t mean squat come the playoffs. Congratulations Florida on pulling off the biggest upset since Columbus swept TB in ’19!! Just amazing! Keep your chins up Boston, you have a great team. They just came up short when it really mattered.

    • Russell 1200 says:

      @mrd99 For such an elite team, they’re goalies seemed to be kind of weak. That has always been Carolina’s problem (up to this year), either mediocre or injured goalies. This year, Carolina just has the rest of the team hurt.

    • Mystic One says:

      @IonlyspeakFAX21 I can’t post my opinion on an open forum? There IS something wrong with the Bruins, I suspect coaching.

    • IonlyspeakFAX21 says:

      @Mystic One stop that. They got their coach fired last year because he was “too tough” on them lmao. They got what they wanted. They got their coaching change. Nothing happened. And it’s pretty ironic that the coach they wanted gone, has the best record in the West and was the only team to finish their first round in 5 games or less. Yeah, they should be embarrassed. It’s going to be even funnier when Vegas wins it all.

    • IonlyspeakFAX21 says:

      @Brett Kenschaft they had the record with 3 games to go. That is when you rest players. They certainly went overboard.

    • IonlyspeakFAX21 says:

      Coming from a Boston fan, we knew this was inevitable. It’s hockey. There’s a reason the points leader in the regular season hasn’t even made it out of the 2nd round in the last 8 years. Sport with most parody. Look at the West. The 1 and 8 seeds are separated by like 4 games. A couple games gonna different way, and an 8 is a 1.

  4. Chris Wertz says:

    What a beautiful win Florida, BRAVO!!

  5. FRFTF says:

    This loss might have been more painful than Binnington’s performance in the first period of Game 7 four years ago. So. Damn. Hard. Congrats Panthers.

  6. Voskah says:

    The greatest upset in NHL history has been achieved. Congratulations, Florida!

    • BOLD BANGER says:

      flyers comeback in 2010 was worse. bos had a 3 – 0 series lead and a 3 – 0 goal lead in game 7.

    • Jace King says:

      @OBNOX IOUS Lol!!! Cope!


      @Christian Power they won’t

    • OBNOX IOUS says:

      @Robert Butcher
      It’s called supporting your team. They lost, 99% of the teams are going to lose. They only hand out 1 cup.
      The fact that you’re disappointed in your team says it all .

    • OBNOX IOUS says:

      They own the Single season wins record, no matter how much you cry about it.
      Thanks for ANOTHER amazing season Bruins.

  7. pete saws says:

    Congrats Florida and especially Paul Maurice who had the balls of steel to say the Panthers would defeat the Bruins while a lot of people internally chuckled. The Stanley Cup had the Bruins name written all over it until tonight.

  8. Jules V says:

    Great season by Bruins. I’m happy they get to spend some extra time this spring with their families.

    • Dave Collin says:

      0 condolences to Bruins fans. Glad you lost. 😂😂

    • FinalSpartan says:

      Assuming you’re a Bruins fan. That’s the hardest of cope. My condolences.

    • Dansugardude says:

      Yeah but it’s for the wrong reason though. I’m sure every one of those players and staff would rather have won the series and advanced farther into the playoffs. The Bruins were the better team but they just let themselves down! 😢

  9. Zach Lauch says:

    As a Pitt fan I was hoping Florida would win!!! Didn’t think it was possible. Wow all NHL fans are happy for the panthers

  10. Matthew Siriani says:

    What a year for Florida sports.

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