Florida State vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

Florida State vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

Florida State vs. Duke: The No. 5 Blue Devils are the 2019 New York Life ACC Tournament Champions after defeating the No. 12 Seminoles, 73-63. For Duke, it is the 15th ACC Tournament Championship under head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Zion Williamson led the way for Duke with 21 points and 5 rebounds. RJ Barrett was also big for the Blue Devils, scoring 17 points and grabbing 9 rebounds. Mfiondu Kabengele scored 14 points for FSU.
Watch the Condensed Game from Duke Blue Devils vs. Florida State Seminoles, 03/16/2019

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58 Responses

  1. Jeff.G Du says:

    Zero score from bench, even worse contribution from deep…. I could not believe how Zion fight with 3-5 FSU players inside…..

  2. Andrew Paschall says:

    Let’s not get cocky going into the NCAA tournament. Let’s Go Duke!

    • Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw says:

      +Marvin Wright I’m sorry but it’s true

    • Marvin Wright says:

      +Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw lol Relax bro breathe easy we good. In Marlo from the wire voice

    • Will Benton says:

      +Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw you say two reasons we wont, and you’re not necessarily wrong. Both of those have been our issues this year, but IF Duke would just PLAY DEFENSE like they gave a damn we can still survive without a good 3 point night. Harder to play your best defense when you’re running 35+ minutes a game though. It can be done. I just think Tre Jones needs to play at the level he did last night, creating plays taking advantage of the lane. And Reddish needs to start crossing over or using more spin moves to avoid offensive fouls cause they’ve been eating him alive drawing charges. It’s predictable watching Cam drive in the last 3 games they know they’re going to draw that charge.

    • ricodontkillem says:

      Elite 8 that’s about as far as they go

    • Giannis antetkrurbemwjagw says:

      +Will Benton totally agree if the can play like this every night they will be basically unstoppable

  3. Cloudy Bellonio says:

    Just to put things in perspective Zion is 34 pounds heavier than LeBron yet jumps a similar vertical

  4. doT03 says:

    Zion makes so much of a difference for that duke team.

    • TUNGTABLE338 says:

      Otho Williams Jr. can’t rest something there was never even a case about! Lmao real b ball fans know a OVER HYPED player when we see one!! Have a nice day & good luck with your made up cases! Drops ???????

    • Otho Williams Jr. says:


      Well the proof is in the pudding whether You eat or not!

      Which a statement: Zion Williamson is “Overhyped!” was made, is that not a case?!

      Watching his games, one live, from high school, to Duke so far in Zion basketball life

      You must have Hatred in You with others to call Zion “overhyped,” not sure what You people perspectives are off Basketball?!?!

      I see a Talented & Skilled Young that’s is Living up to the Hoopla & some. Sorry, bruh, Hate Juice, Hate blood don’t run in me!


    • TUNGTABLE338 says:

      OVER RATED PLAYERS rarely do well! Last over hyped player to only do well was LBJ! Even he’s garbage compared to the non over hyped Kobe MJ Shaq Isaiah Thomas Larry Bird Magic Johnson Keven Garnett shall I go on? Over hyped players are like SHEEPLE ass slave followers who can’t stay off there phone for more then 10-15minutes ????? silly robots tricks are for kids & this world has plenty of them!!

    • The Seahawks didn't run the ball says:

      +TUNGTABLE338 Lmao you’re an idiot. LeBron isn’t better than KG, Kobe, Isiah, Bird or Magic? Lmao. Zion is living up to the hype, you have the nerve to ride the hate train, but then call people sheep. So ironic.

    • Otho Williams Jr. says:

      +KEN G
      I think Duke & North Carolina might get #1 seed in different brackets

      We have to see??

  5. Francisco Torres says:

    Another awesome performance by Zion Williamson. Its always a great show to watch when you play. Thanks!

  6. Ian Smullity says:

    Trey Jones is a nasty PG. When he gets into a rhythm that team is unstoppable. The defense has to commit so many resources on the perimeter to contest Reddish and Barret, when Trey gets into the paint the big boys down there just dominate.

    • Edward Love II says:

      +Olladnara I still believe he needs to stay another year in college, so he can develop some. He is not quite there like his brother

    • Durham says:

      Edward Love II The only area that he’s not as good as Tyus is his 3P shot.

    • Durham says:

      Caden O It’s easier on every Duke player when Zion plays.

    • bacchus thompson says:

      +Durham Tre doesn’t have a consistent mid-range shot at the moment either like his brother did… FACTS!

    • Carl Mathews says:

      +Edward Love II nah makes no sense. Risk is too high. If the all his team mates are gone chemistry will be an issue. I hope he considers going to the draft

  7. Boooyaka Smith says:

    bro just fix ur audio ? been stressing this for the last 4 months my guy

  8. YungWorldz says:

    I am really starting to like Tre Jones

  9. Lance Aurelio says:

    bruh can u make the commentators in sync my ocd is kicking in

  10. Carlton Miller says:

    Tre jones was the mvp of tonight’s game

  11. De Goat says:

    Proud of my boy Tre, stepped up his game today with fast-breaks and jumpers. Miss walking behind him in HS tho?.

  12. Jeffrey Youngblood says:

    Zion and RJ played great but I really feel that Jones was the key in this game. He came with so much heart and energy, and was involved in so many plays and made some big time shots.

    Go DUKE Blue ??!!!

    • Marlo whitit says:

      People never give Jones his props, he did better than RJ this game

    • Will Benton says:

      Agreed. THAT performance looked more like a top 5 draft pick. Tre always effects the game more than his numbers show, but THAT is the Jones we’ve been looking for.

  13. Cordell Cofield says:

    Tre Jones a sleeper?? maybe the most important piece other than Zion Brings Playmaking Defense hustle dude plays like a experienced NBA player

    • OhGeeGanksta says:

      I mean, he had a chance to prove himself when Zion went out. Instead of stepping up though, he kinda played like shit.

    • Aaron Smith says:

      I like Tre alot but he’s not aa good on offense as his brother.. Much better defender… He had to step it up from 3..

    • 717jeezy says:

      He could definitely benefit from another year in college tho

  14. John Liles says:

    The pass…people gotta stop saying this kid “can’t do this” and “can’t do that”. He’s phenomenal.

  15. Benjamin Durgin says:

    Duke playing like an Nba team with some crazy transition plays

  16. Ryan Heard says:

    Zion Williamson is obviously very strong. They could not guard Williamson to save their lives. The lightskin kid Trey Jones #3 was killing them too.

  17. Antoney Adhikarigedon says:

    Zions makes the 7 footer struggle

  18. brady chick says:

    Dropping the mic?Duke ACC CHAMPS 2019.Congrats???????????????‍♀️?‍♂️??

  19. Rodney Johnson says:

    Tre Jones hurt Florida state Zion just doing what he usually do I’m a duke fan but Reddish needs to step it up a little he’s the missing piece for us to win the hold thing Delaurier did ok but I like when Bolden is in I know he’s hurt I just think he’s better I just hope duke don’t get big headed going into the the tournament because it will be some upsets I just hope its not duke go blue devils ?

  20. che che123 says:

    Even dukes games are more entertaining than my lakers ???????

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