Florida vs. Miami Football Highlights (2019)

Florida vs. Miami Football Highlights (2019)

Florida vs. Miami: The Hurricanes fell 24-20 to the 8th ranked Gators in a hard-fought back and forth game. The Canes defense recovered two fumbles and nabbed two interceptions as Miami unveiled the new Turnover Chain for 2019. In his first career start redshirt-freshman, Jarren Williams went 19-29 for 214 yards and a touchdown. However, Williams was under constant pressure from the Gators defense that sacked him 10 times. Running back Deejay Dallas recorded 95 rushing yards and a touchdown, while tight end Brevin Jordan had five catches for 88 yards and a touchdown. For Florida, quarterback Feleipe Franke went 17-27 for 254 yards, threw for two touchdowns, and rushed for a third.

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94 Responses

  1. Ultimate Roryor says:

    Florida: We want y’all to win this game. We will do everything we can to make that happen.

    Miami: No thanks

  2. Alec Moriarty says:

    4th and 34 and you get pass interference called against you? Oof
    Edit: up 4 with 4 minutes left to play and you throw a pick instead of chewing the clock? Double oof

  3. Comment Cop says:

    I get it is the first game, but both teams look TERRIBLE

    • Jerry Nettles says:

      I guess everybody needs too be an COACH since they know so much!!!

    • Slade Racer says:

      @Steven Nelson The LBs are all too 3 round picks
      Brevin is a First Rounder

      No Miami has talent only retards think this team is some mighty underdog team

      They underachieve because years prior we haven’t had a coach let them lose

      Now? Well it’s turning because Diaz understands attack

      But if you think Miami is only good at the DL yikes
      And they’re missing Silvera
      Dumbass Ivey got suspended and Bolden is still being held out by the NCAA so add those 3 this might be a different game

      Like I said talented but not mentally ready to start being consistent

      They’ll be much better in a few weeks

    • Slade Racer says:

      @Steven Nelson Yeah and if Miami could tackle and not miss FGs you’re losing by 10+

      You’re not that good bro
      Take it from me a person who knows when a team is overranked you’re overrated and your QB is holding you back

      You relied last year entirely on the run game and now you lost guys like Scarlett so it’s not as big a threat

      And your defense had clear lapses and if Miami had a better OL they wouldve shredded you with the TE position

      New QB new OL and honestly you’re lucky to not have been beaten by 10

      Honestly I don’t know where you missed that 3rd quarter but thank Jeff Thomas for a hold
      A fumble and Dropped TD that saved your ass 14 pts

      Don’t act like you are elite bro
      You’re not just take that as it is it’s not an insult but it’s just the truth and honestly before last year you guys knew you had clear and obviousl issues

      You overachieved thanks to Mullen using what worked and a good ok mix of players but let’s understand you did majorly overachieve

      So honestly if Miami didn’t make bonehead mistakes you’re out by 10+ easily

      And the worst part is
      Miami is the one with the clear higher ceiling your QB is who he is there is no better Franks

      Your defense is good but don’t forget UGA and the SEC have older lines
      And honestly you don’t have a Run game that can carry Frank’s again like last year

      You’re Miami from 2016 tbh

    • Slade Racer says:

      @Steven Nelson But I will say you’re only not that great because Frank’s is the worst QB in the state right now
      You get a QB who can run the offense better than that idiot

      You will be a threat to UGA
      But your issue is Mullen is clearly coaching in spite of #13

      Richt had to do that with Rosier and it worked barely and we won in spite of him

      Felipe is that guy
      He will make a stupid pretty pass one second and ruin the game for the most part

      You have good WRs with one home run hitter
      Your DL has a good interior but honestly with Frank’s teams like UGA and Auburn will just pin their ears and say throw the ball 20-30 times and honestly I don’t see that working because he sucks

      Miami will be good due to having a weak JV schedule (God if Jarren was starting last year we would be in the ACC title) but IDK man until Felipe is out

      You’re gonna be limited

    • Cory the goat says:

      @Ant Talks Sports real game I thought

  4. ImBlueReaper YT says:

    This was such a sloppy game

  5. Leonard Williams says:

    I’m soo excited College Football is back ???

  6. Alan __ says:

    This was a disgusting game. I swear that fourth quarter felt like both teams trying to see who could lose

    • Curtis Rupp says:

      It’s not surprising it’s the first game I’m guessing many new starters for each team this is a rivalry game so first game jitters were to be expected

    • Alex Ward says:

      Some say disgusting I say fun and exciting! It was super fun to watch! Even tho cringe worthy at times on both sides haha. Coaches are gonna be hounding players this week

    • Aceboogie 85 says:

      Yeah that interception Franks threw late in the game was ridiculous. I know the coach was happy afterwards since they pulled it out but that throw is gonna give him nightmares moving forward.

    • M Realzola says:

      Franks is awful

  7. Habeeb Kazeem says:

    A lot of miss tackles this game

  8. Brandon Little says:

    If Shaq Quarterman blocks Grimes #8. Romeo Finley has a pick 6…smh

    • Pj Pitts8732 says:

      If we score in the red zone we win the game


      @Pj Pitts8732 “if” ? We tackled better, and not turn the ball over, we wouldve won by more points. “If” ?
      We both sucked

    • Pj Pitts8732 says:

      HARDWIRED to SELF DESTRUCTION Bro y’all can’t help but turn the ball over Franks is your QB!!! Congrats tho…! I ain’t mad we lost we got freshman OL and Wb and took a top 10 D to the wire with a chance to win.. It’s a fact that (IF) y’all don’t play better y’all won’t be in the top 10 for long..!

    • Slade Racer says:

      @HARDWIRED to SELF DESTRUCTION Yeah but Miami has an entire new staff
      QB and players

      You? You’re supposed to be Top 10
      Dude honestly you’re not gonna last this year
      Miami has it easier this year and if you’re the toughest on their schedule (Ffs wow this schedule sucks if you’re the toughest) they’ll be better…. You? Auburn and UGA and LSU? Better replace Frank’s


      @Pj Pitts8732 Lol Yep True. By the way, was on Zo channel and heard Cane fans shittn on J. Williams. I defended him. How pathetic are they? I’ve gained much respect ?for him. He’s going to be beast in a couple years. and I wish him much success.
      We were suppose to win and y’all were suppose lose. However, I think y’all lost like Champions and we won like shit ?
      Good luck in your conference! ?

  9. James Walker says:

    There was some horrible tackling in this game.

  10. Ty theknot says:

    Gators had to fight that young Miami team for the win

    • Slade Racer says:

      @FloridagatorBCS2014 As a Canes fan
      You have a lot worse coming than my defense ………. Better look at the QB position

      That kid is gonna hold you back
      Don’t forget Miami was your last year and then Richt blew it by not playing Jarren in the first place and then putting in Malik

      I’d say you’re a decent QB away but as you can see it took us everything to get to that point

    • MIA 305 says:

      Eli Knight understatement

    • Mack says:

      Why are you guys defending the gators, they won by 4 points against Miami *(MIAMI)*

    • MIA 305 says:

      No interceptions that’s a win in my book we gone be all right you fuckers are in trouble once we get it rolling that you will be back soon trust me Alabama Clemson don’t get comfortable Florida you were never in a conversation with us

    • valerie cannaday says:

      UF is just as young

  11. Ed Lawn says:

    That Dallas TD Run brought back painful memories of Tommie Frazier.

  12. KnockFire says:

    Both teams couldn’t tackle this game ?

  13. BAkED BAkER says:

    Comong from a die hard Gators fan we played like absolute trash. Miami didnt do much better. However Miami’s QB Williams is going to go far dudes seem to keep a cool head considering it was his red shirt freshmen start the 1st game back huge in-state rivalry and it’s a primetime game

    • BAkED BAkER says:

      @Slade Racer?????????? sure

    • Riga Mortus says:

      BAkED BAkER couldn’t have said it better man ??????

    • Slade Racer says:

      @BAkED BAkER I despise Utah and we aren’t rivals
      Only fans care about this
      In reality Miami and Florida aren’t rivals and aren’t in each other’s paths for anything

      We aren’t rivals
      Honestly ND isn’t even a rivalry

      9 times for 3 decades isn’t shit

    • Daniel 1519 says:

      I mean Williams played like trash too let’s not confuse the situation here. Even for a redshirt freshman I wouldn’t say what he did makes me think future superstar. I’m not writing him off yet but I’m also not impressed

    • Wisconsin Archer says:

      @SuperBoomshack Frank’s celebrating that touchdown run was absolutely pathetic. He’s lucky they won!!! What a sloppy game!! UF football team should be ashamed of themselves. This should have been an easy win. Mullen being that happy during the end game interview makes me wonder what game he was watching. Those pass interference by the db’s were unnecessary. Stupid!!! I thought they must have had money on the canes.

  14. rudy2fat says:

    No surprise Miami losses again. But I will say this the bright spot might be Jarren Williams. I think he’ll get better as the season goes on. The Gators QB looks horrible

  15. Scottie Dance2dabeats says:

    Gators snatched the win from the jaws of defeat.

    UF – we don’t want the win. You take it.
    Miami – no here, you take it.


    • Pj Pitts8732 says:

      billbo baggins Big 12 officials…! Stop spewing shit you don’t know..! All that crying what about the the false start!!? I got some cookies and milk for your crybaby ass.

    • J GMoney1 says:

      Miami is retarded you had like 7 chances to win the fucking game and you couldn’t even do that

    • Slade Racer says:

      Jeff Thomas held the door wide open and invited them in

      Jesus Christ I’m ashamed

    • Slade Racer says:

      @billbo baggins we literally blew 10+ pts don’t act like you have excuses dumbass

      You’re supposed to be Top 10

      TF was that? Have fun
      You’re fucked when Auburn or UGA rolls through

    • MR FREEZE-98 says:

      billbo baggins ?we lol you don’t own squat

  16. Rakesh Patel says:

    Miami QB was getting sacked every damn play lmao ?

  17. Antonio Dupree says:

    And if your offensive line gives up 10 sacks in one game that’s a bad sign

  18. Sauce Chef says:

    Miami’s o line might actually be worse than FSU’s this year

  19. Martin Brady says:

    I kept hearing this was a “terrible” game. Well, it looked sloppy but it was close and exciting!

  20. Adrien Estrada says:

    So much miss calls the refs didn’t do shit Miami Hurricanes should have one

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