“I want y’all to record this…put this on the internet ASAP…when I faced Arturo Gatti, I went to his turf, he was the A-side, I was the B-side…when I faced Oscar De La Hoya, he was the A-side, I was the B-side…for Conor McGregor, I’m coming out of retirement just to fight Conor McGregor…fight me in June…if you want to fight, sign the paperwork,” stated retired undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who spoke to fans during a recent stop on his UK tour. Check it out!

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20 Responses

  1. Abdul Charisteas says:

    McGregor is ducking Floyd

  2. Nicky Krisralam says:

    Ok guys
    Floyd over 40 belts won in other weight classes
    Defends his belts undefeated.
    Now let’s look at Conor
    4 belts won zero defended ???
    Floyd will always be the better than Conor sorry McNugget fans

  3. Ж says:

    So FLoyd coming out of retirement to fight a non-boxer. Is he bringing Canelo with him? Because both are ducking GGG.
    Floyd the pussy.
    #GPOAT Greatest pussy of all time.

  4. remi moses says:

    Who has Floyd ever called out like this before? He’s obsessed. Mcgregors in his head.

  5. Corian Griffin says:

    Sign the paper work Connor.

  6. Arturo Gomez says:

    McGregor’s already in his head

  7. gospur12 says:

    All he’s gonna do is hold, jab and run.

  8. GoneGone FaAway says:

    Floyd will kick that bitches ass lmao..

  9. Sainvil Pierre says:

    Fight GGG, his a real boxer, stop trying to get easy money

  10. D Snap says:

    Mcgregor by any means does not have a traditional boxing style. Floyd has never seen anything like mcgregor in the boxing ring. Mcgregor has a legitimate chance of catching Floyd and putting him to sleep. Remember folks, Mcgregor has been proving doubters wrong his entire career.

  11. Jack Beary says:

    He’s having a baby in may so he’s defo not fighting in june

  12. Zqn says:

    People Who into UFC don’t have clue about Boxing

  13. Joel LeRue says:

    he picked june for a reason another pussy move

  14. Attitude Boxing News says:

    I’m a boxing purist Mayweather is 100% the A side Dana shut your mouth you massive walking ego Conor isn’t anywhere near the A side. But come on floyd 15 million ain’t enough you know Mcgregor is a worthy dance parnter when it comes to promoting a fight if you think you make more $ then the Pacquiao fight as Conor then pay the boy right 70-100 mill.Considering you stand to make 100-150 million just for essentially a exhibition match.

  15. 5tar5z says:

    I can’t believe all of you idiots on here who are taking this fight seriously.

  16. Blazin Fyr says:

    One hit from that left and Floyd is out

  17. Christian Carrazana says:

    Floyd is a joke. He is coming out of retirement to fight Connor Mcgregor, an MMA fighter?? Really Floyd?

  18. LimitedSource says:

    Its funny how he talk all these bullshit and not realizing an MMA fighter in coming into a boxing ring, Fight him in UFC, i bet u ain’t going last for 30s.

  19. Eric P says:

    The people in the crowd are a bunch of faggots no one cares what you have to say let the man speak you clowns

  20. Conor Mcgregor says:

    Who da fook is dat guy? You’ll do fookin notin!!

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