Floyd Mayweather fires back at Conor McGregor ‘The fans can’t fight for you’ | TOR | UFC ON FOX

Floyd Mayweather fires back at Conor McGregor ‘The fans can’t fight for you’ | TOR | UFC ON FOX

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Listen to Floyd Mayweather’s opening statement from the second press conference in Toronto.

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20 Responses

  1. Peatur Parkir says:

    “Toronto flag”

  2. TeeCee Colorado says:

    I wish these two were actually fighting… Mayweather wouldn’t last a round

  3. You wish says:

    Floyd is broken.

  4. Padi Hiran says:

    Floyd is cringe

  5. _dreezy dru says:

    Connor talking about he loves his country but throws the flag.

  6. Mikehezzy da illest says:

    guys I think Mayweather & McGregor are secretly best friends lol

  7. arturo fuentes says:

    Floyd Mayweather trash talk sucks compared to Connor Mcgregor

  8. Bone Collector says:

    Hear all those boos? Those boos are the ones who gon’ make Floyd Mayweather even richer LOL

    Aug 26, 50-0

  9. phillyrick says:

    conor fans gotta pray for a victory. mayweather fans know floyd gonna get a victory!

    “i wish conor beat floyd. I hope conor beat floyd…..” hahahahaha! Y’all wishing and praying!

  10. Vernon Shannon says:

    Both sides are laughing at this spectacle. They know it’s all for show. In the back they all drinking shots together haha.

  11. Hector Madrigal says:

    Only if presidential elections were like this lololol

  12. MC SHIZZLE says:

    I feel as if Conor is waiting for the perfect time to bring up how Floyd beats women

  13. miitube says:

    Conor always interrupting Floyd’s speech lol. Floyd gets under Conor’s skin easy…

  14. Mladen Bukvic says:

    Why do people hate Floyd ?????? are they aware he is the living legend ???? i mean……i was hard core Conor fan until his fraud rematch with Nate,i still love the guy,but come on people………….love and respect to Floyd.And btw……….Floyd destroyed him with facts,and Conor was only loud and childish……….

  15. Cheffy Johnson says:

    The hate for Floyd doesn’t even begin to make sense.

  16. Rivers Blasingame says:

    i don’t think Connor realized how disrespectful that was to throw his flag like that 😬

  17. BeastboyMedina says:

    McGregor would never bet his pay check

  18. ZerO says:

    Black dudes supporting Mayweather just because he’s black 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Wumbo Jumbo says:

    Who here wants Conor to win?

  20. Swollen says:

    Floyd got dismantled by Conor AND the crowd.

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