Floyd Mayweather & Jake Paul Get Into Tussle Over Hat At Exhibition Fight Presser In Miami

Floyd Mayweather & Jake Paul Get Into Tussle Over Hat At Exhibition Fight Presser In Miami

CBS4’s Steve Goldstein reports on the bedlam that broke out at Hard Rock Stadium.

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46 Responses

  1. Radical Conservative says:

    It wasn’t over the hat it was Jake being a disrespectful little punk

  2. Israel Najera says:

    Bruh this really made the news 😂. Legend has it jake is still on the floor clutching on to floyds hat yelling “Yes SIRRRRR!”

  3. Ali Knight says:

    Respect for Mayweather for showing Manny the respect he deserves

  4. The Beverly Hills Bushranger says:

    No one going to talk about how good mayweathers Miami dolphins inspired outfit is.

    • young Assassin says:


    • Jimmy Neal says:

      Notice that Mayweather didn’t put those hands on him! This shit was staged, these guy’s just want millions for another bullshit fight! Logan will lose so Jake can try to avenge his brother’s loss. This shit has become so f*cking predictable!

    • rogerio maria says:

      Let’s all talk about catching a black eye out of the ring..😂😅😂😂😂

    • deep nutty says:

      @Jimmy Neal or he didn’t want to be charged with assault and knows hes an actual boxer that could easily hurt him and didn’t want to. May weather may have gotten mad but hes not that dumb to throw full force punches especially when he not in the ring making money off it. Ik everything on the internet is fAkE but I can’t imagine this being scripted.

  5. Mathew Sierra says:

    Its funny cause if floyd was really tight about dude taking his hat he had a good opportunity to serve him at least a two piece there. This angle was telling the other made it seem a lot more action packed.

  6. Mshamba Marekani says:

    That guy grinning in the back around 1:11 is priceless😂

  7. datsgaelitoalv says:

    “It’s gonna be a war” but Floyd is there to have fun and entertain😂

  8. Ivan navI says:

    Floyd’s guards aren’t there to protect Floyd, they’re there to protect anyone that fucks with him

  9. Fume says:

    1:09 “We know Canelo is one of the best.” Notice how he was first #1☝️

  10. Change Position says:

    There’s always that one girls voice in the background saying “ Sataaaaaaap sataaaaaaap satap sayaaaap”

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