FightHype.com was on hand at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada where multi-division world champion and future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao won an impressive split decision victory over previously undefeated former world champion Keith Thurman. You don’t want to miss what those in attendance had to say about the performance and much more. Check it out!

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91 Responses

  1. Kobe Superfan says:

    his nose still looks like new orleans saints logo

  2. John Paul Danganan says:

    I’m still waiting for that BRADLEY INTERVIEW!

    • kakahiya PUBG says:

      Hahaha he can’t accept the fact that Manny is truly a powerful and dangerous fighter. That’s why he’s getting cocky and jealous about manny

    • Jay Rush says:

      Yeah, he’s so blunt Bradley.

    • Rai Monta says:

      @kakahiya PUBG no Thurman is just cocky in the build up of the fight…this is done to get more media mileage and more sales everyone in rhe business side knows what it is.
      But he is gracefull in defeat he takes it as a real man by honoring the Pac and giving him all the credit.

    • kakahiya PUBG says:

      @Rai Monta you didn’t understand. We’re talking about Timothy Bradley here. . .

    • Jojet Shardonay says:

      Bradley is pis of shit like bronner the clown at MGM

  3. Edmund T says:

    I’m surprised split decision it should be UNANIMOUS!!!

    • Josh Clontz says:


    • Klazzik77 says:

      What do you expect. Its Vegas! Two of the judges were same judges on May-Pac fight.. If Pacquiao did NOT knocked down Thurman, for sure they will let Thurman win.

    • AVERY TATE says:

      Keith did well second half of fight

    • SportObsessive Bryant says:

      It was very close…..he closed the gap in the later rounds.

      I think the round where he got hurt is what gave Manny enough to win.

      He landed more punches, more power punches…. Manny landed more stun shots, but he missed more…

      This fight was a popularity contest….Manny did win, but he didn’t destroy Keith and it wasn’t unanimous.

  4. KontryBoy706 says:

    Where Bradley big head at. Get him on here

  5. Pabling Otenciano says:

    We love you Pacquiao – north korea

  6. Jon Pettus CPRS INC says:

    MR POTATO HEAD????????

  7. Shaun Tayaba says:

    Pacman’s the oldest welterweight champ in history ✊?

  8. LR266 says:

    Why do they keep asking if Floyd is coming back. Leave it alone guys.

    • Harold Moore says:

      Jose Ramirez pac lost but you hatred for Mayweather is unreal. You would have Pac fight him a hundred times if he won just once.

    • imanol says:

      manny won 6-7 rounds even being much smaller than Floyd. Floyd was the creator of the century scam, running and hugging. The most manufactured boxer of all time.

    • Rabbi Rocafort says:

      im a pacquiao fan, but pac really lost that fight with floyd. he wasn’t running like an olympic runner, he was avoiding the punches which gave manny a lower punch percentage. they’re both legends

  9. Ajiz Wann says:

    I told u Thurman ….u not fighting Garfield the lazy cat but u facing an old …old but very dangerous tiger????

  10. kenz nation says:

    it’s Bradley’s fault thurman got dropped ,Bradley said don’t get hit by the left he forgot to tell Keith
    right was included

  11. Sunshinemarbella says:

    Why his nose looks like Volkswagen Beetle

  12. Ping Olarte says:

    Mp took those punch from kt without buckling a knee…. durable.

    • Rai Monta says:

      I m surprise he was able to handle those punches…Thank God..for blessin him with the strength.

    • the Hawk says:

      That’s amazing, Keith has a good punch.

    • K.A. El says:

      Im glad you notice those punches Pacquiao was taking. But for some reason people act like Pacquiao dominated the whole fight. Look at the punch stats. I agreed with 114-113 Thurman scorecard.
      Its hard to win when crowd and commentators is against you.

    • Magicman says:

      @K.A. El Pacquia outlanded Thurman in 8 of the 4 rounds and dropped Thurman in the 1st and hurt Thurman to the body real bad in the 10th. That is a clear victory there was no possible way that Thurman won that fight on the scorecards you need to take your own personal bias out of it and look at the statistics and facts of the fight Pacquiao clearly won.

    • NeatandCleanFloors says:

      right. I was shocked. I thought Thurman had more power.

  13. mark anthony Villela says:

    He is a LEGEND 8 Division Champion. RESPECT….


      Thanks for the recognition. Put some respect in the name. I’m just the only 8 division world champion.

    • chrisnyasia7 says:

      It also doesn’t say much about this current era or this present crop of fighters…

      Manny is from a bygone era…

    • Aaron Dale says:

      He isn’t an 8 weight world champ only had a paper belt at 140 ….unless you class the ibo belt as a legit belt lol

  14. Random Youtube Comment says:

    All respect legend pacman but We all waiting for salty tim bradley. Where u at mane?

    • Jojet Shardonay says:

      Another clown garbage

    • Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way says:

      Random Youtube Comment fuck that turtle head Timothy, now he is hating on Teo Lopez. I respect Bradley but some of his comments are way out of line. ?

  15. Jay James says:

    If you like pac man pls gather here

  16. Mr Freedom says:


  17. NinjaWarriorDude says:

    i met this guy, Mayweathers manager up here in Toronto.. he is a cool and humble guy.

  18. undeadpresident says:

    Title says Floyd Mayweather reaction. This isn’t Floyd Mayweather.

  19. notreb gobee says:

    I will not say anything about Thurman and Pacman fight we can say they are the same a legendary fighter why? Coz Kieth Thurman perform well he fight toe to toe to pacman never run never do a dirty tactics, he deserve a great applause from anybody who love boxing sport.

  20. Christian Dale Sison says:

    are you kidding me ???

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