Fly the friendly skies with a real airline | Emirates Airline

Fly the friendly skies with a real airline | Emirates Airline

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20 Responses

  1. wobblydangly says:

    United Airlines- Flights so good you won’t want to get off

  2. Maaz A. says:

    Savage ass Emirates you go!!! united sucks

  3. Francis Ryo Soriano says:

    lmao Emirates dragged United by the hair

  4. Grzegorz Sobkowiak says:

    I LOVE Emirates !

  5. Rich Guy says:

    Lol, comparing United airline to Emirates more like comparing a dog shitt (United) to driven in Bentley, United airline you are an embarrassment

  6. 0zfer says:

    It does help when a government OWNS your airline…


    Why so many airplane videos trending ???

  8. Don Trump says:

    “The best”

  9. dNS-FX says:

    This a good ad, Emirate?

    ok ill show myself out now

  10. ShitpostingAtheist says:

    We beat our competitors, not you

  11. Raul torres says:

    Sure thing let me just go get my college savings out of the bank

  12. Eddie R says:

    You can’t compare Emirates with American, United or Delta Airlines. That’s like comparing a Chevy to a Rolls Royce

  13. John H Baumgaertner says:

    Ah Oscar Munoz, the Donald Trump of the airline industry.

  14. Masterv235 says:

    United Airlines:

    “We used to lose luggage, now we lose our customers”

  15. Bradley P says:

    Emirates is my new fav suck it united airlines

  16. DrumWild says:

    Do the women have to sit three rows behind men?

  17. Yankee Fan101 says:

    Not only are we a real airline…..We don’t beat our passengers up.

  18. Chris J says:

    Emirates had a Pepsi on them

  19. Brajany says:

    Get to the airport early so you can beat the crowd to the terminal.

  20. iChase says:

    Well played Emirates. Well played.

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