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32 Responses

  1. Redmoa says:

    Time to rewatch the entire series all over again

  2. Jardred says:

    this is a legendary moment, what is to come is going to be unforgettable

  3. Finanov says:

    This fandom has to be the most patient and dedicated fandom I’ve ever seen

  4. Carl Murawski says:

    Oh hell yeah! Can’t wait!!!

  5. Toria Lamp says:

    Dude i totally forgot about fathers day and this reminded me😭 cant wait to get a moment alone to sit and watch this 50 second video. Im veryyyyyy excited and from what everyone is saying, it seems like yall put a lot of work into it so i seriously cannot wait

  6. Tipper Dipper says:

    This is wonderful, I can’t wait. A pure resurgence of such a passionate project!

  7. Mini smallists says:

    Was freaking out when I saw this video, I thought you guys wouldn’t return, glad to see something from you guys again

  8. Queso o’clock says:

    This is going to be the best birthday present of all time. Nothing can top this. I cannot wait, thank you to the whole crew for working so hard on this!

  9. memedealer says:

    I love how the whole community awakened with this release

  10. Brightclips says:

    So ready to sing more songs with duck, red guy, and yellow man.

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