Flynn Asks for Immunity, Trump Tweets About Surveillance: A Closer Look

Flynn Asks for Immunity, Trump Tweets About Surveillance: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s offer to testify in exchange for immunity.
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Flynn Asks for Immunity, Trump Tweets About Surveillance: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. 倪传历 says:

    Alternative first.

  2. Lil Moogz says:

    My baby reacted to Trump by vomiting and I recorded it!! ??❤️

  3. Get Rekt says:

    **Trump appoints Michael Flynn to be national security advisor**

    Trump: He will be tremendous, I totally trust him, believe me

    **Flynn is forced to step down**

    Trump’s response: Who cares about that? The real problem is that I’m being leaked, leaks are bad

    **Flynn offers to testify about Trump’s ties to Russia**

    Trump’s response: Just a distraction from my yuuuge election win!

    How do people not see through this blatant deflection? The Trump administration continues to fall apart, and Trump just keeps talking about the election, and how he won. It’s clearly working because his supporters will say the same thing, and dismiss any criticism of Trump as someone who can’t get over the election (when it’s ironically the other way around).

  4. Mustafa Malik says:

    That picture at 3:40 doesn’t have 3500 people in it, it has 350, or maybe even less

  5. BlazeoFiya says:

    Trump is the funniest guy ever. I hope he makes another reality tv show

  6. KingCobra says:

    Time to IMPEACH trump and his racist lying idiotic puppets

    This 70yr old cranky braindead granpa is a KNOWN scam artist and liar whos failed and cheated people over and over and over

    How has this gone on this long?!?!

  7. Driver3 says:

    Act like a goddamn professional Melissa.

  8. Random Person says:

    If only Hillary were a male Republican

  9. T Cat says:

    Love that last Trumpster at the end. “Don’t act like a spoiled little rich kid, which you are.” Why did these people not think of that BEFORE they voted!!

  10. Brandon Salinas says:

    Why Michael Flynn is asking for Immunity he knows he screw up and probably a potential jail time and as for Donald Trump when ask about this he will just say: We had a wonderful election didn’t we? Always reviving the Big HUGE Election Day and Later on Twitter twitting about crowd at presidential inauguration. SAD!

  11. Sijad Ali says:

    let me tell you a joke

    I should be a comedian right?

  12. CheeseReaper22 says:

    Wow! It hasn’t even been a year and Trump is already losing his orange glow.

  13. Malachi Owens says:

    Randall voted for trump even though he thinks he’s “spoiled little rich kid”? LOGIC

  14. jeremy robinsonartist says:

    Ah poor little Mikey thinks he might go to prison. I feel so sorry for him.

  15. Archer Sterling says:

    Trump supporters saying “stop acting like a spoiled little rich kid, which you are”. LOL.

  16. Fay Ryuujin says:

    trump is a crook! ONLY retarded assholes voted for trump!

  17. polly foo foo says:

    i dont know how spicer lives with himself.

  18. New Message says:


    Walks away from the podium and chews 478 consecutive pieces of Orbitz in the back room closet, while stress crying into a picture of his childhood fishing hole.

  19. Esoteric Desi says:

    Those Trump supporters in the end have no right to complain… you knew what’s coming after you vote for him… deal w/ it now… this is exactly what Hillary and Dems tried to warn you… but, you wanted to see a businessman “Shake Things Up’ or “Run the Country Like a Business”…Well, this is what you will now deal w/… your wet dream…

  20. Zachary Grigley says:

    Trump voters voted for a Spoiled Rich kid, and then are surprised that he behaves that way.

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