FNN: Young Adult Tells Trump She Doesnt Believe He Respects Women and Asks About Abortion, Equal Pay

FNN: Young Adult Tells Trump She Doesnt Believe He Respects Women and Asks About Abortion, Equal Pay

A young adult tells Donald Trump she doesn’t think he is a friend to women. Trump responds, and the audience member fires back, asking if she will get paid the same as a man and will she be able to choose what she does with her body.
This takes place at a conference by the group No Labels in New Hampshire. No Labels, formed by Joe Lieberman, is an organization devoted to getting different political parties to work together.

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19 Responses

  1. based jol says:


  2. Eric Shin says:

    Jeb is getting desperate if he has to resort to one of his interns
    pretending to be a concerned feminist confronting Trump.

  3. AzguardOne says:


  4. Erron Black says:


  5. marcoman says:

    l knew I shouldn’t have picked he” That’s like saying I shouldn’t have
    picked the wrong lottery numbers…
    Goodnight Donald Trump time to Sleep

  6. Josh H says:

    Pay gap is a total myth, she also tweets about “1 in 5 women” being
    sexually assaulted which is also completely made up. Then she haughtily
    asks her “question” while being aggressive and indignant. If a man did that
    to a female candidate it would be unacceptable. SO much for equality huh
    Lauren? Also, yeah I think it’s pretty much up to you what you do with your
    body, but the debate is, why should you decide what happens to the body of
    the baby you want to abort?

  7. Lisa Kirk says:

    Jeb’s intern. This is so embarrassing. Does she want an abortion or a job?
    She is pathetic. Jeb is done.

  8. Lisa Kirk says:

    In 3 seconds, Trump knew she was a plant. He is really smart. Jeb and his
    intern plant are fools.

  9. Smith Jones says:

    She’s obviously a plant, but this is to be expected because both democrats
    and republicans want Trump to fail.

  10. Nita says:

    She is a fake. But I am tired of this war on women crap.Bush you hit a new

  11. bambam8541 says:

    Pout like a big baby!! What a BIZO! Plant or no plant, look at her hands on
    her hips with that “Oh you better respect me, SNAP, OH no you Didnt”. She
    is what you call WHITE TRASH.

  12. Jeremy Farrance says:

    Typical feminist recycling the same old garbage. Equal pay? You already
    have it, its illegal to pay differently on the basis of gender not only in
    your country but in pretty much every western country that I know of. What
    about women who are genuinely oppressed in countries like Saudi Arabia?
    What about teenage girls killed in honour killings in Pakistan? We don’t
    hear a peep. Why? It’s simple: They don’t care. It’s all about me! They
    want entitlement and privilege for themselves. Your body? No, the life
    growing inside your womb isn’t your body, its someone else’s body, it’s
    another human being, and that someone else, by the way, might be a female.
    Do you care about her rights? Of course not. You wont even acknowledge that
    it’s a baby, or human, let alone possibly female. They don’t want equality,
    they want privilege, even the privilege to kill, on demand, and have
    someone else pay for it, as if they’re not already privileged enough. They
    don’t want equality of opportunity either, they already have that. What
    they want is equality of outcome, which is what? It’s privilege. They don’t
    want to have to work for that coveted position. They think they’re entitled
    to have it given to them not on their merit, but according to a Marxist
    quota that will of course advantage themselves. To further illustrate that
    what feminists demand has nothing to do with equality and everything to do
    with entitlement and privilege: We don’t hear them complaining there aren’t
    enough female plumbers or garbage collectors, do we? How about doing hard
    labour in a coal mine? Do you really think this dumb feminist posturing
    with her hands on her hips because she thinks she said something clever is
    genuinely interested in “equality”? Come on, she’s not even close to being
    some sort of egalitarian. No, third wave feminists like her are nothing
    more than infantile little Marxists in skirts.

  13. sorebumblebee2 says:

    like the mexican girl he paid to tell alk mexicams to vote for her

  14. THEY CALL ME TEXT says:

    Vote for me for president! Free Pizza and free WiFi to all Americans, let’s
    talk on what is really important!

  15. Ragg muff says:

    Fox and CNN Working hand in hand to Destroy Trump and his Nationalist

  16. uniikkiz says:

    Feminists are greedy irrational creatures who only advocate for equality
    when it suits them, spreading false information in order to create media
    drama to brainwash the weak so that women can gain more rights than men
    just because they are women.

  17. Jon Snow says:

    She’s so nervous lol

  18. Ronit Khonin says:

    Working For You…
    And You Don’t Do Anything…

  19. John Hawes says:

    That girl makes me cringe, not because of what she said but how she