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20 Responses

  1. Fotis Panitsas says:

    wake up read homer, oddesy och ithaka.

  2. Daniel Ayala says:

    that wolf of wall street clip lol

  3. oskar says:

    You are so inspiring.

  4. Luis Mendez says:

    thank you.

  5. Ron B says:

    You’re a fucken idiot already…. !!!!

  6. The Dove Nest Vansion says:

    Love it!

  7. Brian Barrios says:

    there’s a difference between wanting it and craving it.

  8. your boi Carl says:

    Casey for president!!!!!

  9. intobattle says:

    That whole dedicating your whole life to something thing sounds a bit…
    idk, sad to me. It sounds a lot like you’re missing out on all the other
    awesome things that are out there because you’re just focused on that one
    thing that probably will never happen.

  10. Mitch Fowler says:

    when the going gets tough I take off my condom and try to regrow my

  11. STRIKERBOY101 says:

    I have chased my dreams for 6 years did everything under the sun. My dream
    was to be apart of the military I was denied that dream because I took
    medication 9 years ago for 1 month…..

  12. Joel Howells says:

    in the future our kids will have a Casey Neistat philosophy subject

  13. Gary Van Wyk says:

    Thank you +CaseyNeistat!

  14. Markus Gaming says:

    I think this is the first vlog that Casey doesn´t used more than 1
    timelapse in VIDEO xDDDDD (Sorry for bad ENG, tried).

  15. Stephen Walker says:

    Positivity, unfortunately, isn’t everyone’s norm.

  16. def1ne says:

    Going to rescind your dislikes now since he put up a “normal” vlog for
    today? Guess it shows some viewers here wouldn’t appreciate Casey doing
    anything out of his “norm”, and that kinda sucks. Btw, this IS a vlog for
    people who saying it’s not.

  17. Cody Ryle says:

    I want to hangout with Casey for a day

  18. Angel Huang says:

    Well said Casey, well said.

    I wonder “what” got him to sit down yesterday to put this video together…

  19. Alex McDowell says:

    Amazing Vid

  20. MrYauyin says:

    Don’t let your memes be dreams.