Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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43 Responses

  1. Kiara says:

    Can you please make this a series I really enjoyed it a lot (:

  2. Chelsea & Franz says:

    your voice is calming like bob’s πŸ–€

  3. Kia Moore says:

    I remember dating a guy who would like sketch out full on cabins in the woods or animals in like 5 minutes on napkins , AMAZING detail, and just toss them in the trash. Art people amaze the hell out of me.

  4. Daisy says:


  5. SELENATOR says:

    You can take this with you to your basketball game tomorrow!

  6. Casey Melvin says:

    Jenna that honestly looks *BEAUTIFUL* like mine would have looked so horrible lol

  7. Ilsa Wacker says:

    You should dye your hair periwinkle

  8. diggory grey says:

    jenna your painting is actually GORGEOUS!! bob would have loved it! and if you believe in an afterlife, i’m sure bob was smiling down at how wonderful you did as you painted!

  9. Nina says:

    Yall should do a couples paint night at home, but dont show each other what you’ve done until the end: Virgo vs Aries

  10. ɐssǝuɐʌ ǝpuɐɹƃ says:

    whoa you actually really good😧

  11. Shyenne LaTourell says:

    Bob would have been immensely proud of your loud mountain.

  12. MyopicAutisticMetal says:

    I think Bob would begin by saying, You bought nylon brushes, you need all natural split bore bristle brushes, Bob would say, Don’t put too much liquid white on the canvas because your painting may well drip off on the floor, Clean the 2″ brush and go back over the canvas till you’ve removed enough excess liquid white. Bob would say, Use stretched canvas, not canvas boards, canvas boards will absorb your liquid white before you’re finished and your canvas will go dry on you, Bob would say, Just pretend your hand is a whisper floating across the canvas or Caress the canvas, Bob would tell you that you just need to practice! When Bob got a brush hair stuck in the painting, he used the corner of the brush to pick it out! Bob would tell you to use X strokes with the brush, not side to side or straight up and down, so give it the illusion of movement in the sky! Just keep blending it out till it looks the way you want it to, you’re in control of this world, you have no mistakes, only happy accidents! That’s right, he said beat the devil out of it! Bob wipes his knife on a roll of paper towels off camera to clean it! Bob would have told you not to do this in your living room because of the mess! He would also say to use odorless paint thinner for brush cleaning to keep the house smelling better!

    You should have gone to an art and craft store, bought all Bob Ross brand supplies, they sell everything including liquid white, clear and black, no need to make your own, the equipment isn’t terribly expensive.

    Bob would be proud that YouTube exists for this purpose and would be pleased with your first try considering you didn’t buy the proper tools! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

    • Richard Roberts says:

      Jenna is vegan, so she’d need an alternative to the boar bristle brushes. What would Bob recommended?

    • MyopicAutisticMetal says:

      Not to eat the brush…
      I think bob wouldn’t care if she is vegan, if you want to paint you need the proper supplies. She uses makeup brushes… Vegan people need to get over them self, and not paint if they object to the equipment.

    • Science1800123406 says:

      Bob would have said it doesn’t really matter as long as she is having fun and feeling good about herself.

  13. Thebirdistheword 101 says:

    Jenna you should do a part two of this I would love to watch more videos of this

  14. anxiety incarnate says:

    Animal hair gets EVERYWHERE. Take it from me, it’s impossible to know if the little speck on your paper is an eraser flake or a black dog hair until you try to swipe it off, at which point everything is smeared by the side of your hand. Don’t even get me started on painting when you have two giant furry monstrous dogs trying to lick the paint. Sincerely, a very tired artist. (Ps love you beech πŸ’•)

  15. Lunny Bunny says:

    Dam Jenna that’s amazing. I’d pay hundreds for that art. I really like this video please do more in the future. It was so calming.

  16. Monica Forman says:

    “I get excited when I see these, they turn me on.”

  17. Ember Ann says:

    β€œAnd that just makes me nervous because…well I’m just nervous in general” MEEEEEEE

  18. Georgina Guzman says:

    Don’t let Julien hang the painting because it’ll be crooked

  19. A Wallie says:

    Firstly I dig the sh!t out of your painting, u killed it. Secondly can you please recreate ALL of Bob Ross’ paintings please?? This was satisfying and hilarious af

  20. brooklyn-rose jameson says:

    Lol when he says β€œ I get excited when I see these they just turn me on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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