Foo Fighters – Official Band Announcement

Foo Fighters – Official Band Announcement

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20 Responses

  1. NegativeCreep says:

    Butch Vig is the guy!!!

  2. David Ortiz says:

    Phil collins, the original!. keep it up guys, you rock

  3. socwald bandyvart says:

    rip tupac

  4. Debra Rabin says:

    Hey – it’s March 2nd, April Fool’s Day is NEXT month!

  5. Matthew Berzins says:

    Totally got the whole Rocko thing going on there…

  6. keithsa41 says:

    Phoony Bolony is going to be a massive international Dance HIP Hop, DJ,
    Acid hit

  7. Valentina Favaro says:

    pure genius!! awesome!!!!

  8. Marty3317 says:

    I hate all the fucking asshole who do nothing but make up shit about the
    FF. Keep up the AWESOME SHIT YOU DO and keep making these hilarious
    videos!!! I knew you we fucking around within 2 seconds. Oh but wait..
    I’m a true FF fan. Dave Blackbird sounded awesome on the
    Grammy’s. Taylor, Pat, Nate, and Chris you are all FF’s and I think you
    guys are the shit!!! Thank you all for being so great!!!! Come back to
    Tulsa soon!!!

  9. Brodzzzzz says:

    What happened to that one finger shit LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kevier Fontanez says:

    i’ve no problem with this if real. he needs to let foo die as it’s getting
    repetitive …. get back with homme and follow up your greatest album sans
    cobain and get working on TCV2.

    ff got boring, their last couple albums demonstrate that.

  11. lucplaysgames says:

    fuck yeah nick lachey for main vocals. Thanks for this. I’ve been in need
    of a laugh today.

  12. Flor Salerno says:

    No paro de reírme. Que grandes son!!

  13. Brisdad53 says:

    Dave is the walrus!

    (if you don’t get that, keep your fucking comments to yourself.)

  14. Chris Hughes says:

    Super like.

  15. sachin basu says:


  16. Nina Road says:

    ДО СЛЁЗ! Я вас обожаю!!!

  17. Adam W says:

    Oh God, its like, let’s take the rawness and power out of Everlong and
    pussy it up as much as possible!

  18. Dr Greenbaum says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not breaking up. Maybe next year? So generic….Basic

  19. fatmn says:

    Timo Maas – Maas Attacks

  20. Rafael Vargas Jr. says:

    …cool no break up! How about some new Them Crooked Vultures :-)