Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !

Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !

Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !

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Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !




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30 Responses

  1. The Jones Family says:

    ?Who else loves Azzyland

    whoever sees this, I hope you’ve had an amazing Day/Night, and good luck for the rest of The Year! I know fame doesn’t happen overnight, but We are trying our hardest to become a successful Family Youtuber, wish us luck Thank you??

  2. Buttered Toast says:


  3. Aireal Robinson says:

    Sorry I’m late I was cleaning my room but great video azzy

  4. Lillian Kelly says:

    Can you do bottle cap challenge:The challenge when you open a water bottle, place the cap on the bottle, then you kick the cap off and I think you should do it!

  5. LD Drawing says:

    In the middle of the video I got a burger commercial and that just proved Azzy’s point?

  6. The.Unknown says:

    im not sure if such advertisement should be allowed if the stuff they show is not even made out of the same materials then the actual product

  7. Chris Tubbs says:

    Don’t judge me but honestly I would eat potatoes for every meal I love potatoes it’s one of my favorite foods sorry azzy I just have different taste buds

  8. Reese's cup says:

    I don’t CARE wat it looks like! If its good then imma eat it no cap! #Ion care what it look like

  9. Heidi Brammer says:

    The burger thing happened to my teacher ? ??‍♀️

  10. Punjabi Dragon says:

    7:17 No hate Azzy I love your channel but this video was by 5 minute crafts who aren’t the best at telling the truth. AND it also had a question mark art the end meaning they aren’t sure. I’m sorry if I sound rude.

  11. sushi kow says:

    5:39 that chicken I get u my brother wakanda for ever

  12. Winterwere Wolf says:

    Hey AZZY I just wanted to share a little Storie with you when I started school I only had one friend but… She started to become popular and din,t hang out with each anymore the. I found a new friend I,m now in year four and she is still my best friend and she acts such much like me today’s the day I found out she my step sister

  13. Erza Scarlet-Belserion says:

    You can do anything with coke you can even reamove acid from a leaky car battery.

  14. Beatriz Dominguez says:

    I made a tik tok of you and my name is me yes my name is me i love you friend on roblox my name is gigi22971 love you???

  15. Antonio Segura says:

    OMG! i never knew commercials did that i mean the real food is not the same as in commercials!

  16. Cute wolf love dark queen says:

    Azzy wen I Watch your vid I’m so happy I laugh thx I’m happy are on YouTube

  17. Ryan Copeman says:

    If you give our production line (McDonalds) like an hour we can make it look perfect down to a science you can lol otherwise expect a okay looking but delicious sandwich that will take us less than 1 min and we will get you a whole bundle box

  18. rono orlando says:

    Hey Azzy if you’re Reading this I love you so much?

  19. Josh Chua says:

    I know right.
    (Especially burger king)

  20. AKtive says:

    The chicken one at 2:40 is the definition of UNSEASONED ???????

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