Food Theory: FNAF Was Right, Breakfast SUCKS!

Food Theory: FNAF Was Right, Breakfast SUCKS!

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our ol’ pal Ness, from the FNAF movie, brought up an interesting question: is breakfast _really_ the most important meal of the day? You see, loyal Theorist, breakfast companies have been LYING to you for decades and it has caused all of us to eat wrong for years. So how did that happen? And is “Big Cereal” really to blame for all of it?
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, and Santi Massa
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Pedro Freitas, Gerardo Andrés Mejía Torres, Tyler Mascola, Warak, and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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43 Responses

  1. Wilwix says:

    Matpat is the only person who would make a theory out of his own cameo

  2. ‽‽〔 Scraptrap 〕‽‽ says:

    I want to believe that mat asked for the “lunch is the most important meal of the day” line purely because he had this theory ready

  3. s4ndr3x says:

    Matpat is the type of guy to make a 16 minute video over a 9 second cameo.

  4. Nezarec, Final God Of Pain says:

    The fact Matpat is doing a theory on his own cameo is wild

  5. Conner4200 says:

    Fun fact: it’s said that the sandwich came about because the Earl played cards in the evening with those in his inner group late into the night. As MattPat pointed out he would get his staff to make him these sandwiches because he didn’t want to get the cards all gunked up from stuff like roast meats and condiments. Also didn’t mean he had to have plates and cutlery around to eat those items and generally had bread on hand anyway so he had them slice it and stack the stuff in between.

    • Angel Dust♡ says:

      did u know that enemy by tommee profitt goes perfectly with the events of fnaf

    • Canuovea says:

      The “Earl of Sandwich” specifically. Imagine inventing a world renowned food just because you’re lazy and fussy? Honestly. It makes a lot of sense, now that I think of it.

    • Notapirate says:

      im pretty sure a time traveler just went back and gave the guy a sandwich. I thank you kind wanderer,and this is me telling you to give that guy a sandwich. the only way something as perfect as the sandwich could be made,is by breaking time and space

    • Alexis Welsh says:

      Actually His Lordship was a workaholic who didn’t want to step away from his paperwork. Apparently he would make staff make this during business meetings, and from there it took off.

    • Gigaheart says:

      2XL told me this

  6. Level 20 Art says:

    Also it should be noted, for farmers doing manual labor in the fields, staying inside, having a giant meal, and then napping through the harshest hours of daylight was a great way to avoid heatstroke. Noonwraiths from the Witcher are actually inspired by a Polish spirit who would appear in the fields in the middle of the day, essentially making them go inside and rest before heatstroke killed them.

    • Tigger D Cat says:

      And it helped avoid the sister in law who would inevitably stop by around noon for tea and gossip. One could get out of this by over eating and having to “nap it off”!

  7. Harpseal says:

    MatPat is like that one kid in middle school theater who does whatever it takes to make his singular line in the play as impactful as possible

  8. Mr. Enderman says:

    I used to be ashamed that I skipped breakfast, but now I’m not. Thank you!

  9. OwO says:

    When Freddy heard that having pizza for breakfast is a bad thing, his day was ruined.

  10. AvengerBoy2 says:

    Matpat is definitely the kind of person to make a theory about his own channel.

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