Food Theory: MrBeast Is WRONG About Wonka’s Chocolate River! (Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory)

Food Theory: MrBeast Is WRONG About Wonka’s Chocolate River! (Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory)

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Listen, you know by now that when @MrBeast talks about something food related, we are going to cover it. Today we are taking a look at his Willy Wonka inspired factory. Specifically, the deadliness of it. You see, I think they underestimated what was going on here. That place is FULL of death traps not meant to be ignored. What is the WORST? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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28 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    It’s pretty much only a matter of time until MrBeast takes notice of MatPat’s work and invite him over for a video.

  2. Dragon_pink says:

    I love Matpat’s version of the “”come with me & you”lol be in a world of pure imagination”, in both this episode and his film theory episode.

  3. Johnyliltoe says:

    In the case of the volume of the chocolate in the waterfall one would imagine it would be accurate; they had to build the actual waterfall for the set and would need to know how much water they need in the set to make it work. At that point you might as well use the actual numbers your technicians have already calculated.

  4. Leongon draws stuff says:

    Everybody should watch the making of the remake of that movie. The making of the Oompa Loompa songs and choreography are incredible, the guy learned and repeated the whole dances in each different position flawlessly… He’s a trooper!

    • Leongon draws stuff says:

      @HoneyBloood That’s an “um, actually” situation I totally support. The dude was the MVP he did a terrifying amount of work to get all those scenes done.

    • HoneyBloood says:

      Anytime I hear someone saying “oh, they just did CGI and copy and pasted him” I turn into ✨that girl✨an pull up like “um, ACTUALLY….” We respect Deep Roy and his dedication to that film in this house 😤

    • Dulguunjargal Purevsuren says:

      Legit the johnny depp movie has a factory bigger than Site-19 of the SCP foundation

  5. Josh Solders says:

    The waterfall could actually be good in the end as long as the chocolate is flat at the end. Since the waterfall is an earlier stage production area, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to compensate later in the production cycle to get out the air. For comparison to the home choco example, the waterfall would be whisk to mix the chocolate, not the mold.

  6. Jayce Thompson says:

    To be fair, its valid that Wonka wouldnt want someone touching the liquid chocolate. Its a safe assumption that at somepoint down the line, the chocolate from the river gets repurposed into chocolate bars, or other chocolate candy, hence why he wouldnt want some child putting his dirty little fingers in it. That also begs the question as to why he would make that kind of chocolate so accessible

    • Captain Sarina says:

      @Jesse Schoedel I mean…nothing in his factory would fly with the health department

      …and they’d never escape to shut him down anyway

    • KalebTheDuckVR says:

      ​@TopHatCat999 it’s because he hasn’t had people in his factory in a LONG time, so he probably didn’t remember how kids acted, he’s been isolated in his factory for a long time.

    • Nathene Wendzel says:

      Wouldn’t the child get a burn from the first dip, warning him not to do it again? Is he ignoring physical pain or does he have trouble feeling it?

    • LC Officer UNIT 97 says:

      Mattpat did an entire video how the Chocolate Factory that Willy Wonka is running is Infested with OSHA violations. The biggest issue: Railings.

    • CyberRune says:

      @Ohiya smith I think if he had included railings, they would have been made of some sort of candy to fit in with the whole “Everything is edible” bit Willy said in both versions. Augustus, being the greedy little kid he was, would have ether went under/over that railing, or ate his way through it to get to the chocolate river.

  7. Gunnery Sgt Hartman says:

    About a week ago, 2 people fell into and got stuck in the chocolate tank at a Mars candy factory in Pennsylvania. They had a fire department/ police rescue team there, with live news coverage from the factory. I died laughing and said it was a real life Willy Wonka movie!🤣🤣 Then Mat Pat makes this video… this is funny AF

  8. Mr. Green Bird says:

    Matt called the 2005 river cgi. But they made a liquid that looked like molten chocolade, its mostly done practicle, thats why it looks so good, especially compared to the cgi chocolade in the opening credits. This just blows my mind they made real looking fake chocolade

  9. Caleb Begly Fun and Tech says:

    The Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is actually closer to the original book. It’s definitely grown on me, though the Gene Wilder version is still the more fun, and probably iconic version.

  10. T[A]P Me! To Play free games and earn money says:

    “My chocolate is never supposed to be touched by human hands”
    Me: looks at hand
    Also me: Does your mouth count?

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