Food Theory: Should I DELETE This Video?

Food Theory: Should I DELETE This Video?

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Theorists, we need to talk. My last video on milk was called out by another creator for spreading false information. Ann Reardon, also known as How To Cook That, reacted to my video and had a few corrections. Today, I’m going to be going through those fact checks to see what actually went wrong in that video and make sure we are setting everything straight. Is it a video I should be deleting off the channel? Let’s find out.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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41 Responses

  1. CZsWorld says:

    Two creators criticizing each other’s theories and improving on each other’s information. The true spirit of great science on display! 👍

  2. No One says:

    -proved the hate comments wrong
    -provides evidence and facts to why his video was correct
    -explains everything calmly and confidently
    -agrees with the other party, but still proves his point
    -gives response that avoids starting drama

    Now this is how a real professional youtuber responds

    • Sorrow says:

      Gigachad Theorist

    • Hiroki_Maiko says:

      Not just that but they also keep it intresting to watch! what an outstanding team they are <3

    • Sword_Racer says:

      @Neoilluitom looks at Optimus

    • Neoilluitom says:

      @Kaylee Scruggs people will start drama about it but the way it was done nobody whos opinion actually matters in this area at least the area he exists in prominetly will actually catch on to it and he most likely wouldent be affected since anyone with reasoning would ignore most the drama, he had to deal with this drama because someone with reasoning did say something about his video being bad, which other people latched onto.. If theres nobody with reasoning disputeing it then it doesnt matter

  3. KingKrist G4 says:

    It’s dumb to think that this guy doesn’t do his “research” when he does this weekly across all 3 channels fight the haters and keep up the good work

  4. Matthew Davey says:

    Comparing food ‘serving to serving’ very rarely makes sense. Especially when one is a drink and the other a solid.

    Even using cola like Mat does here, many 500ml bottles here in the UK list a serving as 250ml or half a bottle. Does that mean it’s inherently healthier than a 330ml bottle of the same drink?

    • NuriSa says:

      Du bist mein Idol HOTSTEAN.Cam
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤

      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte..🥰

    • Aethere.mp3 says:

      In the case of comparing a smaller size to a larger size obviously the small one is going to “be healthier” but like he says comparing it that way gets complicated

    • Leopara The SweekGeeky says:

      @W:..111: I have to take issue with that point of “nobody” would eat kale vs milk. Regretfully, vegans do exist.

    • Jonathan Gore says:

      @W:..111: well even then serving sizes are unreliable as 2 of the exact same product can have different serving sizes such as that can vs bottle of cola and even then at least in recent years i have never once eaten only a single serving of something as most of the time what they consider a single serving is way too small for me and while grams obviously aren’t perfect either as shown by the kale it proves that there is no perfect way to measure and instead should just be used in a case to case basis and trust people to not just use the measurement that scews things in their favor


      Dont read my name! ❤️

  5. Sammi B says:

    I kinda feel bad for MatPat in this situation (as someone who’s a fan of both him and Ann). A lot of her focus is on content farms and by calling him out it probably felt like his extremely hard working team had been narrowed down to the likes of channels churning out endless fake information

    • SerenitytheHufflepuff says:

      Honestly and I don’t think she meant any Mal intent nor him. Would I see is honestly people who hate watch map pack literally think someone else mention him and grasping at anything to hit on him. They’re literally waiting for him to make any sort of my new mistake or anything to grasp that. Especially like saying like shell for veganism even though we know for a fact that he loves meat. I would like them wanting him to be 100% accurate and all the science and you know if he makes a theory he’s saying it’s definitely accurate which isn’t what theories are in the first place. But also the fact that he’s literally said especially when it comes to his film and game theories it’s not necessarily that he is trying to make people believe they serious or believe them himself it’s more of showing fun ideas and showing how to use contact exclusive and science and math in a fun way. This channel before he had a team was literally started as just him using his knowledge from school around science and math and a fun way to get people more excited about math and science Hey it was never about being 100% accurate or trying to see any of it was real. To me it literally just feels like people who want to hate on him grasping at anything to make themselves feel better and it’s honestly sad like if you don’t like someone that’s fine if you don’t like their content that’s fine but the way they’re hating and grasping at anything is just ridiculous to me

    • Rachael Alexander says:

      Same here. Ann is great, and the videos she makes are SO important in debunking dangerous and incorrect videos by content farms.
      I’m glad she saw a problem with a very popular food theory video and wanted to check it, but Matt and his team are also very thorough and built their channels on the thoroughness of their research.
      I’m glad food theory responded professionally, with respect, and with even more data than their original video to another great channel!! The stuff we can learn about the world is never ending.

    • SwordsmanTheGamer Nine says:

      I kinda hope to see them collab now

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    It’s rare that Matpat tackles criticism head on, but he does it really well actually.

  7. Selena says:

    I’m literally just some dumb high schooler who’s opinion doesn’t count for much on it’s own, but I think Matpat and the team deserve so much respect for the videos they put together. All of their channels are ones I watch frequently and just for fun. I pay more attention to and comprehend more information from these videos than I do in most of my science and math classes at school. I think it’s pretty impressive how these people bring us these videos and manage to teach us things we either A) never even really thought about or B) have wondered in some way but never found a way to actually understand the information. On top of doing that in itself, this team manages to do in a way that makes it not only pretty easy to comprehend, but also in a way that’s very entertaining- which is what keeps people like me coming back to their videos. Maintaining these channels has got to be a very time-consuming thing and I believe that’s just basic, common sense. I mean think about it- across three different channels with varying topics you have to consider The amount of time spent doing their research, evaluating and coming to conclusions with that research, writing scripts, actually recording the scripts, piecing together and editing the videos- that’s a LOT of work for a SINGLE channel to upload as often as their THREE channels. Again, I’m just a random dumb high schooler whos individual opinion doesn’t carry much weight, but I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who thinks and feels this way about these videos/channels.

  8. WhoPlaysTheFool says:

    I like how people say Matpat and the team don’t do research when they literally have their sources right there in the description

  9. cgi4567 says:

    I hope team theorists don’t get disheartened at all by this kind of misinformed hate, I’ve loved all the effort of you guys for atleast 6 year and it’s only getting better!
    Keep doing what you’re doing, some just like to hate people for their success

  10. Elorista says:

    I really appreciate that MatPat and his team included the sources they used in this video. While I’m sure Ann does know her stuff, I feel like her choices of things to criticize were understandable EXCEPT for the serving sizes. I personally understand better if grams are used, else you would be assuming everything has the same amount of millilitres in serving sizes when, as Mat portrayed, companies are going to claim anything of their standard to a serving size, differently to each other and even ourselves in our own homes and utilities. Grams is, in my opinion, the best choice.

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